What Are The Health Benefits Of Zinc Supplements For Kids?

Posted by aniket vichare on February 24th, 2020

Zinc is a trace element which is used for a healthy immune system and a lack of it can lead to illnesses in children. Zinc is responsible for stimulating about 100 types of enzymes which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Although zinc is found in many different foods, some might be suffering from deficiency, which is why they are also available as zinc supplements for kids, and there are specific supplements meant for adults as well.

Zinc is important for optimum nutrition and zinc deficiency in childhood can lead to growth impediments and increased risk of infection in children. Pregnant and lactating women might also need extra zinc. It is a vital nutrient for improving the immune system and providing healthy growth during childhood. Zinc activates the T cells in the body and it controls and regulates the immune responses. It also attacks infected or cancerous cells. It can also repair damaged immune system.

Zinc is also used extensively for treating diarrhea in kids, and diarrhea medicine for kids have it in optimum doses. According to a study by WHO, about 1.6 million children worldwide die of diarrhea each year and zinc pills can greatly reduce their intensity. It is advisable to increase the intake of zinc during childhood and if the illness has already set in, then a ten day course of zinc tablets can treat diarrhea effectively, along with preventing future bouts of the same condition. This is the reason why children’s diarrhea medicines often contain zinc.

Zinc also plays a crucial role in improving memory and increasing learning capabilities in children. They are known to regulate neurons and help in memory formation, which is essential during the formative years of a child. Apart from that, many other benefits like treating common cold, or healing of wounds can be seen with adequate zinc consumption. It can greatly benefits in the treatment of pneumonia is children as well as in the adults. Zinc lozenges can reduce the duration of common colds. Age related chronic diseases can also be controlled with zinc intake and it can reduce the onset of inflammatory diseases. It also prevents age related macular degeneration.

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