Signs That Your Employees Respect Your Leadership

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 24th, 2020

Leading a group of people with different attitudes and skills is difficult. You also don’t know how to make them do what you want to happen. Even those who gleefully accept responsibilities will end up messing up the job. 

The worst part is that not all of them will perform well because they dislike your leadership style. Therefore, you must evaluate your performance too. Look for signs that your employees respect the way you lead the team.

They engage with you during meetings

Most employees hate having a meeting. It doesn’t feel good to be inside a room for several hours. However, if it’s an important meeting, you need to find a way to entice the employees to listen. If you think that they engage with you throughout the meeting, it’s a good thing. It means that they respect what you say, and they don’t want to miss anything. If they ask questions or clarify what you say, it’s even better. 

They feel okay to open up to you 

Some employees don’t like sharing problems with other people. They don’t even want to make friends at work. For them to feel comfortable opening up to you about personal problems, it means a lot. It shows how comfortable they are with you, and they highly respect your views. They also think that you can offer good advice that’s worth listening to. 

You receive different expressions of gratitude

Whether it’s through a thank you note or a small gift, it’s an expression of gratitude. Most employees won’t do it unless they have a strong reason to do so. Therefore, if your employees show you how much they appreciate you, it means that you made a difference in their lives. 

They meet deadlines 

If employees don’t respect you, they won’t care about the deadlines you set. For them, it’s an arbitrary number that they shouldn’t care about much. However, if they can make it on time, it means that they treat you with a great deal of respect. They don’t want to disappoint you so they manage their time well. Just be careful in considering this sign since it could also mean that they fear you, and they have no choice but to do what you want. Check the quality of their work to know if their good performance is out of respect or fear.

They offer suggestions 

It's also good if your employees don't hesitate to offer suggestions to improve your work environment. It means that they also feel invested in the happiness of their fellow employees, and the overall success of the business. You also showed that you listen to them in the past, and they don't mind sharing their thoughts. Make sure you pay attention to ideas that will help make the employees feel relaxed. For instance, fairground hire would be an excellent idea. You can check out a fairground stall hire company if you want to try this activity. 

Successful leadership needs respect from the employees. Otherwise, it will be difficult running the entire team. 

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