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Posted by allpracticesolutions on February 24th, 2020

It is believed that the latest apparatus for a dental practitioner in the days of technological advancement is the Dental Digital radiography. This technique of dental treatment and has made life easier for all the dental professionals serving across the world. Thus, digital Dental X Ray sensors are imperative to any dental practice.  

But why is the digital dental X-ray sensor so important? Because certain treatment procedures that always took multiple visits of the patient with an average prognosis are now very possible within a single sitting and a much better prognosis (result) with the use of these digital X-ray sensors.

The need and requirement for a digital X-ray scanner is vital to the whole process of a dental treatment, as the digital scanners help in determining the precise imagery of the person’s denture, consequently indicating where the treatment is required. 

Now, there are many types of such armamentarium which come to use by different dental experts for different dental treatments which also relates to various sub-branches of dental practice. 

And that is whey, we at All Practice solutions seek to improve the quality and functioning of digital dental radiographic devices for your dental clinics. As we have said earlier, All Practice Solutions seeks to improve and optimise dental practices in any possible way. Thus, to ease things for your, we are here with our recently improved invention in cordless and portable digital x ray system which does have a lot of unintended benefits. You can use it with ease as it does not require a wire to be connected, making it neater for you in the clinic. So you now don’t need to worry about getting entangled in the mess of electrical wires. 

Try for example our most recent portable iRay D4, the next generation version designed to replace the previous versions of mounted X-ray machines. This portable iRay D4 digital dental X-ray senor gives you the convenience of being cordless, along with minimum chances of any radiation exposure as it emits one seventh of the radiations emitted by the previous systems. 

As this portable iRay D4 scanner is compact in shape and size, this one has the capacity to store more than a thousand images and is applicable to both digital and film type sensors. An added bonus to this is that the iRay D4 comes with a long lasting battery which gives a backup of more than 300 photos in a single full charge.

So, now let go of the fear of conventional practices as our highly advanced dental equipment along with our really advanced ADS Dental Chairs do the trick for your business! Call us TODAY!

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