Aseptic spout pouch with suction nozzle has become the best packaging form of je

Posted by sere on February 24th, 2020

Spout pouch is a cost-effective and convenient used packaging for liquids and are available with many different types of attachments of spout, in a range of sizes and colours.

Jelly is a kind of western sweet food, which is semi-solid. It is made of edible gelatin with water, sugar and fruit juice. As an imported product, jelly has entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years since the 1990s. Huang zhanshen, chairman of the national jelly professional committee, said that in recent years, China's jelly sales have shown a steady growth trend, in the field of leisure food unique development advantages, to provide more development opportunities for jelly enterprises.

In recent years, the cases of children asphyxiation death caused by jelly keep happening, so the domestic and foreign leisure products markets begin to pay attention to the shape and packaging of jelly. In China, China consumers association ” Consumer warnings have been issued, advising and calling on China's jelly industry to regulate jelly volume shape and packaging issues.

The current situation in the jelly market is that jelly manufacturers keep the existing small size jelly packaging in addition to the traditional cup jelly packaging, many manufacturers are trying and adopting safer and novel jelly packaging forms.

Aseptic soft packaging with suction nozzle has become the best form of packaging for jelly products in terms of the packaging forms appearing on the market at present:

First of all, the soft bag with suction nozzle, can make children safe and convenient to eat, to avoid the recurrence of injury incidents, many companies have adopted this form of packaging, and said that will further increase the amount of packaging;

Secondly, soft packaging liquid filling equipment, as the packaging equipment in direct contact with products, is crucial to food hygiene and safety, so the development of aseptic soft packaging equipment can ensure the health and safety of product packaging;

In addition, the soft bag packaging with suction nozzle also has a good shelf display effect, the fine printing of various patterns will attract the attention of consumers to a great extent. Wangwang and other large brands have many use of this kind of packaging product cases.

When jello production enterprises improve the quality of their products, they choose suitable packaging forms, which can not only make consumers eat safe and delicious food, but also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

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