Safety tips while sailing Greek islands by renting yacht

Posted by John Smith on February 24th, 2020

The safety of the crew, of themselves and of the boat must be taken into account. Before leaving you to have to use the checklist of safety measures to control the equipment of the yacht charter Corfu. In case of emergency, you must behave in a responsible manner.

Who goes first?

Another measure is to navigate the radio to monitor emergency calls. When renting a sailboat for your vacation, it's not just about enjoying the sun and the sea. Safety on a sailboat includes a series of activities and equipment.

Necessary equipment:

First of all, you must understand the rules, so that you can avoid collisions with other ships. The rules are a sailing crewed yacht charters must be kept separate from a towed one, a sailboat towed in the port must be kept separate from a starboard tailed sailboat. 

When both ships are sailing freely in opposite directions, the ship with the port wind must be kept separate, and when both ships are sailing freely with the same course, the windward ship must be kept separate.

Use a safety checklist to check the ship's equipment before sailing. There must be enough life jackets for all crew members; fire extinguishers, horn, whistle or a bell, flares, radar reflector, and all necessary documentation.

Emergency procedures:

Make sure that you and your team carry a PFD (personal flotation device) at the appropriate times. Children should use them all the time since boat crashes are the main cause of boat deaths. 

Wearing a safety harness in bad weather, as well as when sailing alone is a good idea. In case someone falls overboard, they must know the maneuvers of the on-board crew. You should also do some simulation in advance.

Other safety tips:

Another important safety tip is sailing with the radio connected to a monitor to receive distress calls and other information. You should also be careful with burns, sunburn, and hypothermia or if someone falls into the water.

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