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Posted by AngeloEverton on May 16th, 2012

Some people are branding conscious about things that they buy for golfing. Given that golf is mostly a game of businessmen and executives, it is so easy to assume that they will normally opt for complete Golf Club sets from branded names. In a sense, dressing up and having the authentic product on your hands can be a nice statement. However, not everybody can access expensive clubs. If you are interested about golfing and you want to develop your skills, you can take advantage of clone Golf Clubs. Are they good options or are they waste of money?

The concept of clone

Cloning is not a really bad thing in terms of consumer goods. Cloning is in fact, being done in the luxury car industry, where companies take ideas from each other and they refine them to create something appealing. Clones are borrowed ideas. These ideas are owned by someone so the borrower has to acknowledge that the idea was copied. The same goes with cloned Golf Clubs. They are not sub-par products but they do cost less compared to branded ones. The thing with a branded product is aside from the innovation they present customers, they also have to take into account the cost that they pay to advertise and promote their products. A branded product requires massive marketing and this increases the perceived value of a product. Clone Golf Clubs can be similar in quality but since they are obviously ideas taken from other brands, they cannot be marketed as authentic and therefore, are priced lower.


Do not worry; when you buy complete Golf Club sets that are cloned, as long as they are legitimately cloned by a certain maker, it is fine to get them. Cloning is legal in golf club making but the company should make sure that they label the product as a clone so that consumers will be able to identify the branded one from the cloned one. A great thing with the clones is that they are made usually from the same materials and even the same design concepts as the branded ones. However, they are normally limited to the look of the club. That means if you use similar looking clubs (one branded, one cloned), there will still be some differences. Again, there are some innovations that are limited only to branded ones that make them unique.

You should be aware that with clone Golf Clubs, there will always be those who will counterfeit their way to steal clients by offering insane prices. It is important to know that counterfeiters are also present in the Golf Club making industry so always be on-the-know when buying cloned ones. You do not want to buy complete Golf Club sets that are actually counterfeited. If you are aware about the quality if the products, you will notice that counterfeits tend to be made from sub-par materials. Always keep a lookout on the clubs you buy and make sure that you choose either from cloned or branded ones.

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