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Posted by aihw on February 24th, 2020

The purchase and decoration of the middle door of new house decoration is one of the most important links. Because of the variety and safety and environmental protection, and the usefulness, durability and special temperament, wooden doors have become the first choice for many families now. So how to choose a wooden door suitable for your own home?

Wooden door materials

1. Style: The inner door is the face of the entire home environment, and is consistent with the overall home planning style and is the basis for matching the inner door;

2. Door core board: In the solid wood grid keel, corrugated paper filling, structure filled polyfoam, bridge hole mechanical board, etc., the generalization of bridge hole mechanical board is better.

3, door panels and door covers: Some consumers think that the thicker the better, but it is not true. The solid wood composite door uses natural solid wood, which can reach 50% of the weight of the equivalent pure solid wood door with light weight;

4. Special seals for inner doors: There are only a few large brands in China that supply special seals for inner doors;

5. Hardware: small details such as locks and hinges will also directly affect the comfort of the inner door;

6. Application of glue: see if you choose to use the door and window expansion glue.

Door type purchase of wooden door

The choice of solid wood door door type can be selected and selected according to the characteristics of each living room, overall planning or different living room functions. The practical application function of the door can be roughly divided into the main entrance door, small hall door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, storage room door, balcony door, patio door, and the northern cold protection. Insulation door, etc.

When choosing the door type for each type of house, you should also pay attention to the overall planning and coordination of the living room, and do not add extravagance. Pay attention to the standard, height, width, height of the lock, and the shape of the door lock.

Color shopping of wooden door

1. The wooden door should be close to the color of the furniture, and it should be as consistent as possible with the dumb opening of the window cover. . For example: Use oil-mixed white wooden doors to add color to the wall paint. This will give the room a sense of hierarchy, not too "flat" will also make the room feel particularly fresh.

2. When the living room environment is warm tones, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as: cherry wood, teak wood, and Sapele. When the room environment is cold, you should choose a lighter wooden door, such as oily white and birch.

3, large, or sunny rooms, you can choose a darker black walnut, can create a more stable atmosphere effect color itself is beautiful, there is nothing wrong. It ’s all about distribution and coordination. Suppose you really do n’t know what to do, you choose white. White is a color that is not easy to make mistakes.

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