Are wooden doors open or closed?

Posted by aihw on February 24th, 2020

Are wooden doors open or closed? Runcheng has repeatedly emphasized that buying decoration materials must be clear. Although there are many material names, the naming method is nothing more than raw materials and technological functions. Today's open lacquered paint door is said from the surface technology.

First, paint door

First of all, the paint door is generally made of MDF. The surface needs to be baked at high temperature for eight times (three bottoms, three sides, and two light), that is, the paint is heated and dried after entering the drying room.

The advantages of baking paint board are bright color and easy to shape, beautiful and natural fashion, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean. Disadvantages are high technological requirements and high cost.

What is an open lacquered door

Therefore, the paint door is a general reference, the concept is relatively large. The open lacquer refers to a process of making a paint door. The open paint door can also be regarded as a type of paint door. The surface of the open lacquered door has clear lines and strong three-dimensional effect, and the lines can be felt.

On the other hand, there is a closed lacquered door. Although the wood grain can be seen on the surface, it feels smooth and delicate, and has a shiny feel.

Not all veneer or wood can be used as open lacquer. If the ducts of wood are thin and dense, such as birch and maple can only be used as closed lacquer. If the duct is very deep, such as oak, Fraxinus mandshurica and other high-grade wood, it can be used as open paint.

Third, what are the advantages of open paint doors?

1. The color of the wood grain is bright, the texture is outstanding, and natural. At the same time, the color paste and paint directly penetrate into the wood eyes. When the temperature changes, it can expand and contract in synchronization with the wood, and it is not easy to fade or choose.

2. The open lacquer retains the wood texture of the wood itself. Touching it can obviously feel the convex and concave texture of the log, giving people a strong natural feeling.

There is no big difference in the quality of the wooden doors of these two processes, but in terms of cost, the cost of an open lacquered wooden door is higher than that of a general closed lacquered wooden door, which is generally more than two or three hundred yuan. You can choose between open and closed lacquered doors according to your preferences and different decoration styles.

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