Creating a WOW Greeting Card

Posted by j280668993 on May 19th, 2012

The WOW card is the best type of card to give and receive because it has been personalized with just the right saying and a special picture. And as you know, a picture says a 1, 000 words, so when it is combined with your heartfelt message, it becomes a WOW card.

The best WOW cards are greeting cards receivedLineage 2 Adena through the regular postal service, not e-cards. WOW cards can be funny, loving or inspirational. The most important aspect about a WOW card is that it brings joy. Our daily lives are filled with so many negative influences, so having just a brief moment to smile or laugh means so much.

Here are a couple examples of WOW card stories to inspire you:

A Famous Person Look-Alike WOW card

Do you have a friend that looks like someone famous? These folks LOVE receiving WOW cards. Here is a great story to inspire you to create a WOW card.

My husband Scott has a good friend Mike who looks just like Sean Connery (you know, the original James Bond). This has been a running joke for many years. It has been awhile since Scott has seen Mike, but he loves to pull practical jokes on his good friend, even though they now live in different states.

A couple weeks ago, Mike received a greeting card with Sean Connery's face on the front with a little voice bubble that said: "Do I really look like Mike? " As soon as Mike received the card, he called and left us a voicemail, "Shaken not stirred, this is Bond. " When Scott returned the call, Mike told him that he was having a really bad day and that card made him laugh. Mike also said that was the best card he had ever received and he had framed it as a keepsake. That is an example of a true WOW card.

Wow Card for Race Horse Owner

Scott has a friend Matt who is a part owner of a race horse that is doing so well, he may run in the Kentucky Derby this year. Matt is all excited and often flies across country to watch his horse run. Being a practical joker, Scott went online and found a recent winning race photo of the horse. Scott put a couple little voice bubbles on the picture, the first said, "Ok, you just won this race, what are you going to do? " The next bubble coming out of the horse's mouth said, " I am going to Disneyland, no wait the Kentucky Derby! "

The minute Matt got the card he called Scott buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and thanked him for the most unique card he had ever received. He framed the card and proudly displays it along with the other treasured photos of his horse. Sending and receiving a WOW card is great fun.

The secret to the WOW card is that you have taken time to think and take action on corresponding to someone. Think of how many WOW cards are still sitting around as thoughts, not action. Seize the day, take action. Send a WOW card today and brighten someone's life.

How do you send a WOW card? Here are the five easy steps:

1. Think of a friend or family member you want to surprise. - Think of something they say or do that is funny and unique to them.

2. Find a picture (or take a picture) that you want to use. - It doesn't have to be picture perfect, in fact some of the funniest WOW cards people would not keep. For example: Scott takes a lot of medication since his heart attack, so he and the pharmacist are on a first name basis. Scott recently took his picture, but when he got home, an assistant was standing right behind the pharmacist so it looked like he had three arms. Being the wit, Scott said, "When I started working here, I only had two arms. It must be a side effect of the job. " The next time Scott went to get a prescription, the pharmacist was still laughing and pointing to the card, prominently displayed.

3. Think of something funny to say in the buy Guild Wars 2 Gold card or in a bubble. - On one card, we snapped a picture with the person's eyes closed. But this turned out to be a really funny card since we put "This job is so easy I can do it with my eyes closed. " Again... turn a phase or situation into a humorous quip that makes someone laugh.

4. Create the card. - You can do it yourself or better yet, experience creating a WOW card online in minutes.

5. Send out card. (The most important step! )#) - That final step... ACTION. If you don't take action, it won't happen.

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