How to Make a Woman Orgasm with your Fingers

Posted by hellensmith on May 19th, 2012

Although several tips are shared on how to make a woman orgasm, not many of us know how to go about this by just using our fingers. This article should be of great help, if you are wondering how to make a girl orgasm. Follow the steps mentioned below, and enjoy giving pleasure like never before.

Before you go down on her in order to make a woman orgasm, make sure you indulge in some foreplay. Do not pounce on, and put her to bed. Stay calm, take it slow, and persuade her into get going. Try out some uncanny things if she finds those interesting, and do not stop until she is red hot and ready to enjoy the best orgasm of her life. Hold her body gently, and kiss all over her body, stroking her breasts lightly with your hands in an endearing manner, sucking on her nipples.

Do not hurry through, and try to keep your sexual urge in check. This is very important before even understanding how to make a woman orgasm. Sweet talk her into something romantic as you slide your hands over her bottom, and over her thighs, and slew to the vagina, and do not make her realize that you are going to touch her there. While you make progress, make sure you continue teasing her, making her want some more of your kinky foreplay acts. It goes without saying that this is one hell of a tip on how to make a girl orgasm. Men who are very successful in these acts recommend building up the tempo; make the girl more excited so she would want more of you and your dirty acts. Once she you think she has had enough of your stimulating acts, just go for it and catch her by surprise. Touch her vagina.

Now comes the part where we talk about using the right fingers. Finding the right finger and using it to perfection holds the key in knowing how to make a woman orgasm, however, sadly, not many men are paying attention to this. Try using your index finger to rub her clitoris tenderly.  Hit the right pressure, and do not overdo. The more stimulated a woman is from foreplay, the easier it is to attain orgasms. Put your finger in, and go as deep as you can, but make sure not to hurt her. Continue to go back and forth, and make her feel what’s it to be finger fucked. See her moan and writhe in pure pleasure, as you handle the softer parts of her vagina with your finger. Be patient, feel the right spots, keep her comfortable and and continue to toy with those areas. You’re sure to see a tinge of surprise, and excitement shoot through her.

Here is an important tip you should never overlook. Ensure that you file your fingernails. Vagina is made of different types of body tissues which are generally very sensitive; hence if you do not clip off your fingernails before this act, it might cause harm.

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