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Top 5 Golden Rules for Aspiring Sugar Babies.

Posted by kelleebernier on February 24th, 2020

What do you expect from a relaxed child in a relationship with an older and more generous man? Leonard Yu, Founder, and CEO of gave us his five basic rules for starting sugar puppies who want to get the most out of your sugar girl/sugar dad attitude.

Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy’s link search site, owned by Leonard Yu, Sugar Daddy Meet, has recently attracted a lot of attention, mostly negative. Star Jones executives and college professors have suggested the site promotes prostitution. (Legally it is not). Others say the site simply gives a name and a face to what has been going on for decades.

What can a student expect from sugar? We ask Leonard Yu to give advice to women who are considering throwing themselves into a sugar lifestyle. He described five rules that, in his opinion, all sweet children should follow:

Be Active!

Being a sugar baby is an opportunity to be different from "you". Before you begin your journey with sugar, it is advisable to find out your sugar. While this may sound a bit vague, it's actually pretty simple. As a sugar baby, you are of course very warm-tempered, definitely fun and endlessly exciting. In your daily life, you may not think of it as a piece of jewelry while washing the dishes left by your roommates, but as a sweet kid, every imperfection is part of your perfection and if you can't convince yourself, You will definitely need to learn how to do this to have a successful sweet life. And of course, always think about how you add value to the lives of the people around you, especially your sugar life.

Dont Skip a Beat When Youre Given a Treat

As a sweet kid, you benefit from financially balanced relationships with men who, like a father with sugar, should have no problem giving you the benefits you are looking for. You may have been taught to resist spoiling or destroying, and you have been told that the only time you can receive a gift is when you work for it. When you receive a very expensive gift or a large sum of money, you may feel anxious and even guilty for accepting it. As a child with sugar, however, you need to understand that part of your "role" in the deal is to carefully perceive the benefits of sugar from your father. Sugar daddy would not be one if he could not cope with the idea of having a beautiful and young companion, such as his soft hand and a special person. Similarly, a sweet baby would not be a good baby if he did not feel comfortable getting the best things in life without having to try.

Control Your Feelings

Remember, as a kid with sugar, part of what you offer is a simple, fun and drama-free experience when you're with your dad, Sugar. One of the main reasons Sugar Daddy is looking for cute babies is to find someone who can help them get rid of stress. Keep your emotional expectations in check. Do not fall into your father's emotional dependence on sugar, which is not ready for a long-term commitment. Of course, this is not always easy, especially if your dad's sugar slides out and throws an "L" bomb (love) after a night when there are too many drinks or if he is too irresistible in bed.

Be Honest

The best relationship between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby consists of brutal honesty. Honesty allows two people to know exactly what they are getting into, what to expect from another person and what to expect from him. There should be no blow to the branches. When filling out your online profile, be sure to write about all your positive and negative attributes. If you snore at night or are happy to take action, say so. While not everyone can be positive, there will always be someone who accepts him for who he is.

Always Be On Your Guard

The real world can be a scary place, so when looking for dad, always remember that there are bad apples among the good ones. When using verified millionaire dating sites like or another public forum, be careful and check out all the possible parents you may or may not know. At, some members have been verified and certified, but for those who are not certified, baby sugar liability needs to be verified and the potential parent of sugar tells the truth.

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