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Posted by eliteinternet on February 24th, 2020

If you are an aspiring artist, student, or a parent wishing to enhance your child’s inner creativity, attending art classes help you gain a solid footing in a future profession or hobby. Learning art isn't just suitable for future artists and designers, however. Various researchers have discovered that spending quality time in an art class brings enormous psychological and mental benefits to both youngsters and adults.

First, a study conducted in Washington, DC, demonstrated that children who had significant exposure to various courses related to the arts, whether it be painting, dancing, drawing or music class, performed remarkably better than their peers in other subjects, like reading and writing.

Second, the researchers of this same experiment found that art classes help children learn enhanced social interaction skills. Joining art classes aids and stimulates both sides of the brain, which is often not exercised in other routine learning practices.

Third, because art teachers have specific knowledge that the student lacks, working with an art teacher can improve skills like teaching art, handling commercial illustrations, and critiquing art. Art teachers bring an extensive knowledge base to the table and thus help students deal with social issues as well as art problems.

At Raminfard School of Arts, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. We dedicate our teaching to the pursuit and achievement of high artistic standards. We strongly believe that the learning process should be fun and stimulating both for the student and the teacher.

If you are seeking painting classes in Los Angeles, Daniel Raminfard, an award-winning oil painter and founder of Raminfard School of Arts and is well-reputed in this industry. Raminfard is known for his mastery of light, shape, and color. With his expertise on the subject, he can deliver an unmatched fine arts education. We firmly believe that art makes us more human, so it helps us better communicate in a personal intuitive language.

Also, if you are in search of Private art Lessons in Brentwood, Raminfard School of Arts has talented artists and educators that seek to inspire each student while focusing on the integration of process, concept, and skills with creativity. Working in a non-competitive environment enables the student to come closer to more significant personal achievements, which can strengthen that student’s sense of autonomy. At Raminfard School of Arts, our tradition has been of the highest pursuit in the arts. Our mission is to conduct programs in art education. We aim to foster art education in the community alongside offering private art classes both in-person and online.

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