What Is a Root Canal Dentist and When Do You Need One?

Posted by Thomas Edison on February 24th, 2020

Of course, most dentists can take care of almost all teeth problems, but there are some that specialize. And by doing so, they are able to offer much better services, resolving much faster and efficiently certain problems at the cost of not being able (or being inefficient) to resolve others.

As you know, there are many types of teeth problems and each of them can have multiple causes. Because of this, there are many different solutions that need to be used accordingly. So, if you have a teeth problem do not try to treat it yourself because you may make it worse due the lack of knowledge and skill necessary. For example, the roots of a tooth can cause many different symptoms and you may not know if your problem is caused by them.

What Symptoms Caused by a Root Problem Can Send You to an Emergency Dentist?

The best solution for any dental problem is prevention. What you should do is to visit a dentist regularly and take care of your oral hygiene. If you do not, then these are some of the symptoms that should make you visit an emergency dentist:

- Tooth pain. This is the most encountered symptom that can be caused by the infection of the roots. The pain can be very intense, but it can also be mild. It also can be continuous or it can take pauses. This symptom can also have other causes, but the best thing you can do is to visit a dentist as fast as possible.

- Swollen gums. This is another symptom that should make you visit a root canal dentist. Although this is a common symptom and it can have many causes, it is not worth to risk losing your tooth over it. Many regret their decision of not visiting a dentist only after it was too late to save their teeth.

- Teeth sensitivity. This can be caused by you if you do your oral hygiene wrongly, or it can be caused by an inflammation or infection of the root. By going to a dentist, you can avoid the worsening of the problem and the need for a root canal treatment.

What Treatments Can a Root Canal Dentist Offer You?

A root canal dentist needs to follow many steps before deciding what is the best solution for your problem. Firstly, it must be sure that the cause of your symptoms is truly caused by the root. To do that, he will inspect your mouth but he may also make radiography of the affected tooth, or send you to a specialized clinic to make one.

Based on the steps mentioned above he will be able to determine the cause. Next, he will decide what treatment you need. His decision will be based mostly on the gravity of the problem. If you are lucky, everything can be over by using some medication and respecting a good procedure for oral hygiene.

If he considers that medication can only help you temporarily, and your problem will continue to reappear, then you may need a root canal treatment. This treatment is used to remove your tooth’s root (nerve) when it is infected, or when the risk of infection is too big. This will be able to temporarily save your tooth and you will not need to remove it for some years (depends on how much care you take of it).

After the nerves and the infected pulp is removed a cavity will remain. It must be filled with specialized material. There are many options and a dentist can choose which to use. Doing this will prevent a new infection to appear in the cavity. The last step is to choose a solution to cover the tooth, such as a crown.

In the worst-case scenario, the emergency dentist will not be able to save your tooth. He will have to extract it and you will have to live without it, or implant a new artificial one. This is not a desirable situation because it is much better to have your real teeth than implant artificial ones. In conclusion, visit your dentist regularly and make sure that you take good care of your oral hygiene if you want to prevent any problem that may appear.

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