How Long Do Lithium Marine Batteries Last?

Posted by Lithium Battery Store on February 24th, 2020

Is it time for your boat's motor battery to be replaced? Instead of buying lead acid batteries again, consider purchasing lithium marine batteries. A 36-volt lithium marine battery is a great choice for powering trolling motors. It offers longer battery life and better performance than any lead acid or AGM battery rated at 36V. In fact, some brands of 36-volt lithium marine batteries have more power than three ~12V +80AH lead acid or AGM batteries combined.

Now you may ask, how long do lithium marine batteries last? And why do they have a longer battery life? Here’s everything you need to know.


Offers longer battery life than typical lithium-ion batteries

If you thought lithium-ion batteries have the longest lifespan among all types of trolling motor batteries, then you are wrong. Lithium marine batteries prove to have longer battery capacity and life than lithium-ion batteries. In fact, they are five to ten times better than regular batteries. You can expect them to last for decades, provided that you follow maintenance and proper storage instructions. In fact, it is not impossible for this type of marine battery to outlast the life of your trolling motor or boat.

Uses DOD technology

DOD stands for depth of discharge. This technology is one of the reasons why lithium batteries are able to have more total charge and better discharge rates. It lets the battery use its full capacity while working. This technology also maximizes the battery's performance. If the best deep cycle lead acid batteries can perform at 500-1000 cycles, the best brands of lithium marine batteries can perform 2000+ cycles at full or 100% capacity and up to 5000 cycles at partial or 85-90% capacity. This is why they are far superior.

Specifically designed for trolling motor


As the name implies, lithium marine batteries are designed for trolling, boating, and many other activities on the water. They are capable of supplying power. Unlike ordinary batteries, lithium marine batteries are better at taking the beating, withstanding all the rigors of fishing. If you are looking for a more reliable power out on the water, this is the battery you should be choosing.

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