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Aircons are the essential appliance that every household possess. Being a piece of complex machinery, it often needs technical support from experts. Even after technical maintenance and support, many a time it starts losing its cooling efficiency. People panic more if Ac is brand new. A lots of reasons can be held responsible for this. But the most common reason is the leakage of Aircon Gas (refrigerant). You need to know about Aircon gassing and ask relevant queries to the aircon servicing company.

1. What is Re-gassing?

Re-gassing is a process of filling Feron (Gas) in the empty Air conditioner. This gas is responsible for the cooling, provided by aircon. In the absence of Feron, Aircon often starts throwing warm air instead of cold air. Feron is the most basic and indispensable component of Air conditioning system. No matter how costly an aircon is, it will be an absolute waste of money without feron in it. Gas is the one which drives the cooling from the aircon, without it, aircon will be just a fan.

2. Does your Aircon need Re-gassing?

Most people do not consider checking their aircon gas while booking an expert for aircon servicing maintenance. This is a huge mistake that can cost extra in future. The initial sign that your air-con needs re-gassing is, it doesn’t feel any different when the AC is switched on and off. The air being blown from the vents is not as cool as it used to be.

Every aircon needs re-gassing if there is leakage in it. This leakage reduces the Gas level in the aircon system and AC starts decreasing its cooling. Sometimes the leakage is so minor that a normal person cannot even see it. Only an experienced aircon professional can find the exact spot of leakage.

3. How often your Aircon needs re-gassing?

The need for Gas filling in Air conditioning system depends on its usage. But many people wait until it’s not blowing cold air. This is unlikely to cause any harm but keep in mind that poorly functioning aircon will make it more difficult to repair and can cause harm to other parts of aircon. Apart from this, It will use more power to run. So it’s not worth putting off a system check.

The good quality aircon, provide the gas lifespan of 10+ years. On the other hand, the cheap brand can cause discomfort at any time. Consider reading our 3-minute detailed guide to know about your aircon gas re-filling need. Read Here: How long does Home Aircon Gas last?

4. How to know if your Aircon needs Re-gassing

If you don’t re-gas the aircon system, it will gradually become less efficient, making the aircon discomfort tool in hot weather. Not re-gassing your air-con system will be bad for it in the long run too. Following are some signs listed that signal about the gas refilling need:

It started blowing warm Air: When Aircon gets low on feron, it starts throwing hot air instead of cold air. This is the first sign of gas re-filling need. Due to leakage, the quality of air cooling decreases day by day. In the end, the gas tank becomes totally empty. You cannot even feel any difference in normal room and room with aircon on.

You see ice on Aircon: Aircons with gas shortage starts forming Ice on refrigerant lines due to low freon charge in it. If you spot ice or frost anywhere on your AC, it may mean that aircon’s evaporator coil is frozen. Low refrigerant(Gas) means low pressure and low pressure means low temperatures, that will eventually freeze the evaporator coil and form the ice.

No unanimous distribution of Air: When there is a shortage of air conditioning gas, the wind distribution does not happen unanimously. You may feel that one corner of the room is too much cold, but the other is not.  If you find that certain rooms or spaces become cold zones and others don’t seem to get any cool air at all, it might be a sign that your air conditioning unit is on the way out and needs re-filling.

You get high electricity bills: Ac with low feron takes more time and runs continuously to cool the room. This long process increases electricity consumption. The less cooling and sudden increase in electricity bills indicate the low feron level in aircon. During summer and winter months, you often see changes in your energy bills due to your heating and cooling use. But If your bills appear to be higher than usual, think about doing an energy audit. This helps you to find out whether your air conditioning unit is working well should or not.

It takes too much time: Without enough refrigerant, your air conditioner won’t be able to absorb much heat from your home’s air. This makes Ac run more in order to cool the entire room. The usual time of cooling the room increases suddenly that leads to an air conditioner to run nonstop and cool so late or never cool your home at all.

You feel strange emissions: When your air conditioner gives off unusual smells, sound, moisture or noise while turning it on, it may need to be re-gassed. Aircons with low on refrigerants often start producing hissing or bulling sound like water, due to enough pressure in it. (The hissing sound can be the same as gas comes out of a balloon). Also, depending on the type of air conditioner you have, sometimes water also starts dripping outside from its window.

5. Conclusion

The re-gassing need for AC is an essential thing that every aircon owner should keep checking via experts. Otherwise, it can produce adverse effects on its condenser as well as the other components of the aircon system and cause them more harm in the long run. It will also slow down the aircon’s performance and you may end up paying more due to your carelessness. . MCL Aircon is a Singapore based Aircon Servicing company with qualified technicians. We can take care of your aircon servicing needs. Please book your aircon general service now.

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