Essential reasons to buy Canada made clothing

Posted by Daub Design on February 24th, 2020

For the primitive human, clothing was necessary to protect the self from cold and heat, and predators. Later on, for most civilized societies, clothing was to cover themselves; this was important in the formation of the communities. For the modern human being, clothing is a way of self-actualization, a method of fulfilling aesthetic needs. 

Buying clothes nowadays, however, has a lot of economic and political implications. We usually buy clothes that suit our sense of beauty parameters, quality and budget. We buy clothes, just like almost anything else online. Some of the online traders offer excellent deals with profitable products. Nevertheless, there are demerits of buying without proper prudence. Many people are emphasizing on buying made in Canada cloths.

Here are some reasons to buy Canadian Made Clothing.

1- Arrest the economic outflow

Trade has grown to a vast international scale. Buying clothes too has crossed borders, and in some cases, it has helped reconcile partnering countries. However, the one-sided trade of selling clothes in Canada has had a significant impact on the country’s economy. 

For this reason, most prominent economists are promoting inland manufacturing. Buying Canadian Made Clothing is one such measure to avoid international economic sabotage. 

2- Create more jobs

Importing from outside of the country can not only have a negative impact on the country’s economy but also gives no working opportunity to the locals. For every penny you pay, you pay more by providing employment opportunities to the outsiders. 

The make in Canada campaign is also a stepping stone in the process of creating jobs for the citizens of Canada. The residents can expect better job prospects once the campaign reaches its peak. This way, we can expect better economic growth in the country with the promise of jobs for its inhabitants.

3- Get the best styles and fashions

Every year tens of thousands of students in Canada graduate from fashion designing schools. Due to the outsourcing of the jobs and imports of finished cloths from abroad, most of these qualified students do not get the opportunity they deserve. This, in turn, leads to the selection of fewer students and their career is becoming more and more rigid and awkward. The best of all, do not get to show their true potentials. The whole fashion industry is distorted, and there is less innovation in the field of fashion. Therefore, we have to resort to importing even more.

With the inland made clothing, we are not only buying our nation-made clothes but also promoting the whole cycle of fashion designing – the growth of the local economy – more innovations in the fashion industry.


These were some reasons to buy Canadian Made Clothing.

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