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Posted by Amit Negi on February 24th, 2020

So if you're a creator looking to Tik Tok ringtone, Tamil songs download for free and use the songs in your YouTube videos, you need to make sure not only that it's free to download, but it also is royalty free. If you are looking for free music to use in your YouTube videos, that's also 100 percent royalty free. Click this link here.

I made a video about that and how to explain it and where you can go.

Trusted sites on how to get royalty free music to use in your YouTube videos.

But this video specifically, let's just talk about where you can download music for free online. When you download music for free online, you can guarantee right away that you will not be able to download any mainstream pop music.

If you find sites that you're able to download happy birthday songs, Bollywood love mashup songs, you know, post Malone, all these mean popular artists. If you're getting free downloads of this song, you are on an illegal site.

So that's just your call there.

If these artists are signed to real major labels and they are going to collect every single penny in royalty out there for all the music you're going to download for free online will be likely independent music and not mainstream music. And there's still a ton of great music out there where you download for free. First site where you can download music for free is SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is very different than something like Spotify or Apple Music, where SoundCloud hosts a lot of a lot more independent music than Spotify or Apple Music would because they give creators the opportunity to upload music for free to their platform.

Let's just type in alternate alternative music. Alternative music. And we can see, you know, maybe we follow some people we already like.

Maybe you're interested in this. This this guy. Maybe you're interested in this guy. Let's go to Ryan Johnson.

We can potentially see that Ryan Johnson's music is available for free download if it's not.

We have the option to send a message over here in this little corner.

We have the mailbox and we can say, hey, Ryan, love your music.

Do you mind if I can download it for free so I can listen to it on my iPod when I'm going to the train or whatever? Ryan might say, no way. You have to pay for that. Or you might say, yeah, here it is. Tell your friends about it. I'm up for that free awareness. The second way to download music for free online would be YouTube channels.

There are a few YouTube channels that I recommend to other creators because their royalty free music as well.

Two channels like Trappe Nation are really good, especially Trappe Nation. If you're into hip hop urban rap music, really, really great for that top here. And also go to one called audio library, audio libraries, a great place to download music for free online.

Let's just say you're really into electronic dance music and you don't want to pay for it. While you can go to audio library and download music, download that music for free and just have it in your pocket on your phone listening to it whenever. So a great place to find free music for download. So how do you actually download the music play?

Okay. Let's say you interested in this song called Sunflower? Okay. Let's go to the video specifically and we can see in the description where we can download it. So if a free download or stream where we can just click this link and that will bring us to a download link.

If there is no link, you can use a YouTube download or software or something like for Kate Downloader.

Most of the time there is a download link in that YouTube video.

Side note, if you want to go as far as using that in a YouTube video of yourself, you will have to give credit to the creator in your own video description.

More on that in my readers video where you can find right here another YouTube channel that is also really good is just called No Copyright Sounds.

So go check out those YouTube channels and see if you're into that music and go download that music for free. Let's get into the next why music?

And we can go to why music dot io and see here it is only available for Android.

So sorry about that. All you iPhone users. I'm an iPhone user. I typically don't use any of these sites. I find them very cheap and borderline illegal because you have the option to download pop music and have that on your phone as an MP.

They are options to download music for free online. So the first one would be why music second?

And here is called phyllo. Same exact thing. We had filled up a B.K. Audio Android application. It's an option to download music mostly from YouTube.

Mostly just gonna scrape the audio from YouTube videos to the first three are definitely my favorite where you can download music for free online. Let's debate in the comments, though. Let me know what you think. If I'm missing any other sites that you think are valuable to download music for free online.

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