All You Need To Know About Supermarkets In Dubai

Posted by rima chauhan on February 25th, 2020

If you are soon to spend a considerable time in Dubai, it would help a great deal to know about the supermarkets in the city for water bottles, soft drinks, sandwiches, and all sorts of other foods. Of course you will find hordes of restaurants, food courts, and coffee shops all over, but it always helps to familiarize yourself with cheaper alternatives; the best part is, Al Maya Supermarket in Dubai have shelves filled with products that are not very common in Europe, so it will be a different experience of sorts! Especially the smaller supermarkets in the other part of the city are around the Dubai Creek and Deira areas are full of special products from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, since numerous migrants who work in Dubai live in these neighbourhoods and prefer to buy products from their home countries to cook local dishes.

Dubai also has a few huge supermarkets, also known as hypermarkets. Besides food and drinks, these hypermarkets also include electronics such as washing machines and TVs, clothing, shoes, and household items. Most hypermarkets in Dubai can be found in the large shopping centres on the ground floor close to the entrance of the parking garage. What sets these supermarkets apart is that they remain open for extremely long hours, from early in the morning till late night. Some of the hypermarkets are open until midnight even on weekends. Al Maya supermarket offers also ensure that you don’t end up burning a hole into your pocket. Carrefour is the most famous hypermarket in Dubai, with six huge supermarkets in Dubai, including in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Deira City Centre shopping centre. Originally a French supermarket chain, Carrefour now has more than 15,000 branches in over 30 countries. Carrefour not only has hypermarkets in Dubai but also a number of smaller supermarkets in the French retail chain in different parts of the city.

The LuLu retail chain also has couple of hypermarkets in Dubai, while the medium-sized supermarkets mainly belong to retail chains such as Spinneys, Geant, Waitrose, Hyper Panda, and Choithram. The smaller supermarkets mainly sell “fast food” such as crisps, snacks, biscuits, chocolate and soft drinks. Al Maya supermarket Dubaioffers are irresistible, leaving you absolutely delighted! However, if you need products for self-cooking, you will have to go to medium-sized or large supermarkets. Check out Al Maya supermarket Abu Dhabi for all that you need, and you surely won’t be disappointed!

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