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Posted by hellensmith on May 24th, 2012

Egypt has always been a place where jewelry and treasures are found almost as exclusively as expensive cars are found in America. People of Egypt have always been so fond of jewelry that people who used to make jewelry always had a busy schedule. While we are discussing about Egyptian jewelry, it should be noted that this jewelry is very distinct from normal jewelry that is found in other countries. Jewelry that is made in Egypt has an Egyptian touch and people who have sufficient knowledge of the Egyptian civilization and traditions can easily understand it by just taking a look at it.

Generally, Egyptian jewelry has certain writings or cravings in it. People of most of the countries other than Egypt are generally unable to understand this language and for them these carvings are nothing but appreciable and unique craftwork. Apart from this, Cartouche is one of the major things that are made by Egyptians. When introduced, Cartouche was merely a name plate which was crafted in an oval shape and it had a horizontal line at one of its ends as it depicted text that had been enclosed in it as a royal name. Along with time, it has been modified by Egyptian artists to give it more attractive and fashionable look.

Cartouche is now used as jewelry all over the world and it is accepted by people worldwide. In most places, jewelry is made by the concept of cartouche but in a more fashionable style. However, it is not so effective when it is placed next to the original one. This happens because the original one is made by professionals of Egypt who are exceptional in making Cartouche as they have been learning it since childhood. In fact, most of the artists who make it come from a family that has being doing the same work for generations.

Egyptian jewelry is carved on different types of substances. It includes steel, gold, bronze and even wood. Wooden jewelry gives a unique look to the person who is wearing it and it also reflects the demand for Egyptian jewelry even in today’s generation. Established in Egypt as well as some other countries are a number of shops that sell cartouche and other varieties of jewelry having typical Egyptian designs.

There are many organizations that make Egyptian jewelry  with the purpose of sale in the market. It includes different craftworks that includes the traditional Cartouche .

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