How To Clean And Maintain a Pocket Knife In 4 Steps

Posted by JeffersonJose256 on February 25th, 2020

Like any other type of cutting tool, a foldable pocket knife has its own mechanical properties. A traditional kitchen knife has a simple structure that allows you to clean or sharp its blade. On contrary to this, a foldable knife has a complicated structure built with several components. It needs to be taken care of in specific conditions for better performance. When you buy the best switchblade knife online, make sure you read the maintenance instructor to extend its lifespan. Keeping a knife in bad condition is dangerous. Campers, artifact collectors, and knife enthusiasts use various techniques to maintain their pocket knives. Here are the four steps to clean and lubricate.

Keep it dry

The wet and moist atmosphere can cause corrosion and rust not only on the blade but also on the entire body of the structure. After using your knife, you need to clean it dry before keeping it back in your pocket. When you use it for cutting fruits during a camping trip, the blade will become wet. Wash it with water and dry it with a cloth. Keeping it dry can enhance the tool’s performance as well as durability.

Clean it

Blades of pocket knives come in different materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel. These materials when exposed to oxygen can collect debris in the blade and folding mechanisms. If you don’t remove this dirt immediately, they will dissolve with the knife material and develop corrosion all over the place. You need to use acetone or thinner to clean it before you keep it away for the next use.

Lubricate it

When you finish cleaning the knife, you should properly lubricate its parts. Check the screws and nuts that help to fasten the blade with the handle. Apply knife oil in the joints and mechanical parts to ensure longevity. You will find a variety of oil made of natural and chemicals. Look for that product that will benefit your knife. You don’t have to squander on this oil. Look for affordable products that help the blade ward off oxidation and other forms of corrosion.

Sharpen it

Sharpening the blade is an important procedure to maintain a knife’s condition. If you sharpen the blade every time you use it, you will not need to worry about rusting. It is a good habit to give a mild touch to the edge for honing. When you are not using the knife regularly, make sure you grind the blade to remove the outer layer of metal caused by rusting.

After the cleaning activity is done, keeping the pocket knife in proper storage is important. When you look for switchblade knives for sale online, don’t forget to get a knife box or a rolling bag.

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