How to get Express Entry to Canada in first attempt?

Posted by Richard Pierce on February 25th, 2020

Thousands of people immigrate to foreign countries every year in search of better opportunities to create a better life for themselves and their families. From searching for better career opportunities to pursuing better education avenues immigration serves a lot of purposes and provides a bright future. People have been immigrating for centuries now with countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand coming into existence because of immigration and reaching their current state due to the descendants of those immigrants. It is thus no wonder that these countries still remain the top destinations for immigrants from all over the world.

Start your application process today with help from your immigration consultants in Delhi. They are duty-bound to guide you to the best of their ability throughout the application process. Your consultants will ensure that you understand the process and make an informed decision with regards to your immigration process.

Moving to Canada

Canada has over a million people of either Indian origin or who have emigrated from India making it one of the top countries in terms of the immigrant Indian population. Thousands immigrate to Canada every year making it a favorite immigration destination for Indians. All of this can be attributed to the developed infrastructure, developed economy, developed healthcare and education services, low crime rates and a highly liberal society that accepts immigrants with open arms.

Ask your immigration consultants in Delhi about which province you should be immigrating to so that you can find the best possible career opportunities and amenities and quality of life for yourself and your family.

Finding Immigration Consultants

When looking for immigration consultants in Delhi you have to keep in mind that consultancies who are approved and regulated by the ICCRC are the only legitimate immigration consultancies. ICCRC stands for Immigration Consultants in Canada Regulatory Council and is the regulatory body for Canada immigration consultancies all over the world. They are determined to provide a standardized way of immigrating to Canada in which you are educated about the application process and how you should go about it and take advantage of the various federal government programs, schemes and offers.

Canada Express

The Federal government of Canada has set up the Express Entry system which is run in association with the provincial governments giving these governments a chance to get immigrants who are desperately needed by the local industries and businesses. The express entry system allows workers who are critically skilled in skills that are lacking and are urgently needed by the native economy. By allowing fast approval of immigration, the application process period is cut short and you can express entry Canada from India.

The Express Entry system offers 3 programs under its aegis:

  • FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FSTP- Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC- Canada Experience Class

The program awards points to applicants on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Scale based on their age, language proficiency, work experience, skills, and educational qualifications. If they have a spouse, points are also awarded on the basis of the experience and qualifications of the spouse.

The points scored on the CRS scale are tallied and contribute towards express entry Canada from India. To score more points you can try improving your language proficiency or get a new degree or diploma to boost your chances.

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