How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Online “Incorrect Password” Error?

Posted by graceedens on February 25th, 2020

Now-a-days, the users have a multiple account and it's quite difficult to recollect all the passwords. So provide an ease to the users, Webroot has developed a web-based password manager, named as Vault that stores all the passwords of the users. Sometimes the users may face some common errors or issues while signing in to the Webroot Safe Vault and one such common login errors of Webroot Safe Vault is “Incorrect Password”. Thus, to supply an ease to the Webroot, i'm introducing the simplest method by which the users could troubleshoot the Webroot Safe Vault “Incorrect Password” Error, manually.

The Webroot Safe Vault is mostly caused either the password of the Webroot Account or of the Webroot Safe Vault has been entered, incorrectly by the users. The occurrence of the error is marked by the shooting up of a mistake message box on the screen when the users click the “Sign in” button. The error message is shown below:

“Unable To Identify the Users Account. Incorrect Password”


For signing in to the Webroot Safe Secureanywhere Vault, the users need to first sign in to the Webroot Account and then, sign in to the Webroot Identity Safe Vault. By following the users could easily troubleshoot the “Incorrect Password” error faced while signing in to the Webroot Identity Safe Vault:

  1. Utilize the Webroot Safe Toolbar for Signing in to the Webroot Account:

For signing in to the Webroot account using the Vault, follow the step wise procedure mentioned below:

  1. For initializing the sign in process, launch the web browser like Google Chrome or any that has been installed to the users’ device.
  2. Now, tap the “Vault is closed” option, if the Webroot Identity Safe toolbar displays the “Vault is closed” on the web browser.
  3. And then, type the email address of the Webroot account in the space provided to the users for sign in to the account
  4. After this, click the “Next” button.
  5. Now, type the password of the Webroot account on the next page appeared to the users.
  6. And then, click the “Sign In” button.
  7. If the users forgot the password of the Webroot account then, they click the “Forgot Password” option or may visit the to get the instructions for recovering the password.
  8. Once the users successfully sign in to the Webroot My Account, they will be prompted for the password of Webroot Safe Vault.
  9. Sign in to the Webroot Safe Vault:

Follow The Steps Mentioned Below For Signing In To The Webroot Identity Safe Vault, Easily:

1) On the Webroot Safe window, type the password of the Webroot Safe Vault.

2) The user may get clue if they had onwards the password. For getting the clue, click the “Show Password Hint” option.

3) If the “Show Password Clue” option does work to recover the password then, the users need to delete their Identity Safe online vault.

4) For deleting the Identity Safe online vault, type the password three times in the space provided, incorrectly.

5) And then, select the “Need to delete your Vault? Click here” option.

6) After this, a popup window will appear on the screen. On this popup window, tap the “Yes, Delete My Vault” button.

7) Now, the users need to enter the password of their Webroot account and then, click the “Delete My Vault” button.

8) After this, a confirmation dialog box will appear on the screen. On this confirmation panel , tap the “Yes” button for deleting the Vault, permanently.

9) For getting the instructions for creating a new Webroot Safe Vault, the users may visit the

If the Webroot Safe Vault “Incorrect Password” error still persists on the users’ device then, they may call the Webroot Support number, in order to get an instant support.

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