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Value Of Social Awareness For Future Generations

Posted by indusvalleyinternationalschool on February 25th, 2020

An increasing number of best international schools in Hyderabad are emphasising on teaching social awareness to their students and rightly so! Students who learn social awareness develop a sense of social justice and awareness which allows them to collaborate with others and seeing things from different perspectives. It is not all about understanding perspectives, social awareness also benefits a student at a personal level. How do you ask? Let's dive into the importance & impact of social awareness on the future generation


Better world

We have always heard that we should treat people the way we want to be treated, but it’s even more powerful if we can treat people the way they want to be treated. This is something our future generations should learn. Teaching social awareness will develop empathy in students which can make a difference in the world around us. Students will learn to treat people with dignity if they are socially aware. Social Awareness teaches students to respect and empathize with the diverse people and cultures. This can lead to acceptance of different views and respecting each other leading to a better world we all crave for.


Positivity all the way

At our international CBSE school, we noticed that socially aware students display positive traits and are likely to not indulge in negative behaviours. This is important for our school because a conducive environment for effective learning can only be maintained if every student is at his/her best behaviour. Being socially aware doesn't just limit itself within the school. Socially aware students are most likely the disciplined of them all in a group of young children even outside the school. This stems from socially aware students being good at maintaining positive relationships and positive environment around them. In short, these students often have a positive outlook in life


Problem Solving

Being socially aware teaches students to be high adaptability to diverse situations. They don't crack under pressure, instead, they try to develop solutions. This is the kind of young generation we need for the betterment of the country. That is the reason, as one of the top international school in Turkayamjal we emphasise on developing a socially aware mindset in students making them better problem solvers. 


A building block of a better life

Like any other adult, students need to be aware of their rights and duties, to grow a better, safe, secure and prosperous life. Social awareness plays a key role in helping students understand that humans are social beings, and there are certain norms in society that intend to create balance. By understanding people’s status and role in society, students can identify their roles and responsibilities which will help them create a fulfilled life where they are great in regards to mental health, success in career, and the ability to be a future citizen in a democracy.


Final Thoughts

As students improve social awareness they also improve the experience of life, create opportunities for bettering themselves, become aware of other peoples emotions, and improve their ability to respond to change. Constructive communication, conflict resolution, peer learning, responsible decision-making, perspective-taking, empathy, an appreciation for diversity, and respect for others are at the heart of social awareness. When students demonstrate these skills, they maximize their learning potential. So, as a parting gesture, here is a simple activity for international schools in Hyderabad who want to start teaching social awareness. 


Provide your students with opportunities to collaborate and work together. When the projects are complete, give students time to reflect by noting down about the process involved with working with their groups of peers. Use prompts to guide students with their thinking. Here are a few examples:

  • How did you feel about working with your peers on this project? Please explain.

  • What were the advantages of working with your group on this project?

  • What challenges or roadblocks did your group experience while working on this project? How were those challenges overcome?

  • How do you think your group viewed your efforts as a member of the team?

  • What might you do differently the next time you work on a project with your peers?


These kinds of activities can be tailored for different grade levels to guide students with the process of understanding what it means to be empathetic toward others. We hope we've helped you understand the importance of social awareness that promote positive mental health among students.


Liked what you just read? Watch this space for more such articles every month. See you until next time!

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