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Posted by AngeloEverton on May 29th, 2012

What started off as a small business in a dorm of the University of Texas in 1984 is now one of the premiere PC companies in the world. Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about Dell. When Michael Dell started off about 27 years ago even he wouldn’t have thought that he would be able to convert his small enterprise into one of the largest PC manufacturers ever. Dell computers and Dell laptops are top class and their entire package comes to you with loads of specialties. This is what makes them special.

There are some basic tenets of Dell as a company that makes them so successful. Michael Dell always aimed at producing computers that are affordable for the end consumers. But of course, Dell being Dell, there was never any compromise in the quality. Every Dell PC goes through the most rigorous quality testing before it is packed to be sent to the consumer. When you buy Dell computers and Dell laptops you can rest assured that you are buying the latest technology within your budget.

What are some of the other points that make Dell computers and Dell laptops special? For starters, they are extremely flexible when it comes to providing computers and laptops to consumers as per their requirement. Dell offers the best in class customer support to all its customers. If you call a Dell customer care center you can immediately feel the difference. The people that handle your call are not only professionally capable but also great in terms of giving you utter delight throughout the duration of the call. And of course, Dell’s success also stems from the fact that they are one of the most financially strong companies in the world and this allows them to continuously invest in R&D. What you get is a top computer with everything that you want in it.

Dell was one of the first companies to manipulate the e-commerce world successfully. They sold like crazy through their website. And at that time Dell computers and Dell laptops were only available through the Dell website if you wanted to buy online. But now Dell has changed its business model and there are retail stores and websites that sell Dell’s products. While you may think that it always makes sense to buy from the Dell website that may not be the case. There are other online retail sites that offer you better prices on Dell PCs when you buy from them. And when Dell entrusts a website to sell its computers online you can rest assured that the websites is reliable. Dell is never going to take a chance with their goodwill by allowing any online computer store to sell its products.

If you are planning to buy a computer or a laptop you ought to seriously think about Dell computers and Dell laptops. Even if you pay slightly more than some other brand of computer it is well worth spending. Buy a Dell once and you will remain a fan.

If you just want the best then look at Dell computers and Dell laptops at an online computer store.

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