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Posted by jackbandy on May 30th, 2012

Email marketing should be a crucial part of your marketing strategies as a business. This is not limited to dotcom industries. It is also very powerful to those companies and local operations aiming to penetrate a wider market or expand their services to e-commerce. However, for email marketing to succeed, you have to be aggressive with how you get contacts. For some, getting an email ad can be tough. Nowadays, there are tools and services available so that you can send email to a massive number of people immediately. Sadly, there are also some fallbacks that you have to be aware of. Though you might be able to reach more people immediately, you might not be reaching the right set of people.
Buying listsOne of the popular options right now is to get email lists. A list is simply a collection of email addresses based on a specific niche or industry. Ideally, if you use this, you will not be considered as spam by the receiver since you are sending email to them that could be appealing to their tastes. How these email lists are created, it really depends on the company or source of the list. Some of them use census from the past few years and collected them on a database. You make sure that legal methods were used to get the email lists so that you will not end up with bad lists and worthless investment.
ExtractorsIf you wish to do your own email address search, then you can opt for an extractor. An email extractor is a unique tool that can be used to get addresses by just using search engine keywords. For example, you are a local business, you want to reach more people in your area, and you can use the email extractor on a search keyword of “window specialists in Amsterdam” or something similar. While email lists are more globally oriented, the extractors allow you to limit the scope of your search based on the keyword you use and this is a great way to build your email list instead of filling it in with not so relevant addresses.
AdvantagesIf you use email lists or email extractor, you are increasing your chances to improve your existing database since you immediately acquire email addresses without the need to have them connect with you through your membership service. If you are a startup business, your email marketing would be difficult to get relevant benefits from so it is ideal to put some fuel into the spark to get your marketing going. If you are lucky, people will respond to your message, and you will get some amazing results for your email marketing strategies.  If you could get a list that big immediately, that could mean incredible results 
RisksThe problem with the email lists or email extractor is that you could be sending messages on suspended or nonexistent emails or it might still be active but not used. According to some, it is important to use an email verification tool so that you can check the active emails from the inactive ones and the existing ones to the suspended ones. You do not want to waste your time sending emails to dead or passive accounts. While the email lists and email extractor are useful things, it is still vital to get email addresses using more strategic methods like offering a membership service and others.

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