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Posted by sophiamilller on May 30th, 2012

Painting is an art form that had been in practice for thousands of years. Pre-historic man used vegetable pigments to create paintings of animals and his surroundings. During that time there were no specialised art accessories. People used to paint with anything they could find useful. However, today you would require some professional supplies in order to start your painting career. Here is a list of the most crucial art equipment and supplies that you must have as an artist.

Painting cannot be complete, in fact it cannot be engaged in without using brushes. In other words, you cannot separate brushes from the task of painting. Brushes and paints compliment each other and are incomplete without the other one. This is the reason every type of paint requires a unique type of brush. In the past, people used bird’s feathers as brushes.

The first time paint brushes were created using animal hair. Even today, camel hair is used in making some unique type of paint brushes. However, synthetic hair brushes are more extensively used. When it comes to the size and thickness of the brush, it is as important as the task of painting. As an artist, you must have different types and sizes of this art equipment to suit various painting styles.

One of the most commonly used paints today is acrylic paint. It was created years ago in Mexico where outdoor painters needed a type of paint that offered resistance to harsh weather conditions. The result was a resin and water combination that was just like oil paints but had faster drying period. Compared to all the art accessories, acrylic paints and oil paints are much more similar. However, acrylic paint is considered to be the best choice for painting or decorating stone, cement or clay.

Waxy crayons are also important and popular art accessories. They were first created in the United States, and while there is a misconception that crayons are not used as extensively today, they are still an important part of painting and arts. These supplies are available in a wide range of colour options and also as oil crayons that can also be added to paintings through water or some other media.

The popularity of oil paints shot up during the 15th century and it has enabled artists to experience higher freedom with regard to strokes and styles. They are basically a combination of pigment colours along with linseed oil or some other oil medium. The benefit of using this particular art equipment is that it can easily be controlled and modified because of the amount of time taken to dry off.

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