Not the idea but the execution makes your app unique

Posted by Vipra Business on February 25th, 2020

An idea based on the problem existing in the market may sound like a profitable deal but once you start looking for similar apps on the app store, you will find various similar apps already existing. You may realize that your app idea is not unique and there would have been many others who worked on the same concept. Well, don’t be disheartened! Out of the 2.9 million apps up till 2019, there is quite a possibility that you find a similar app on the app store whenever you think of an idea. 

What makes your App unique? 

In such a situation, it is important for you to realize that it is not important that your app idea should be unique, in fact, it is completely alright if the concept of your app is the same as what you thought about. If you pay attention closely, you will always find some of the other similarities between the apps. Imagine apps like Ola & Uber or Zomato or Swiggy, aren’t they similar in terms of their concept? However, the functionalities and features make them different from each other. While each app has a set of its own advantages and drawbacks, it is necessary for you to understand where lies your uniqueness. 

Think of WhatsApp, out of so many texting apps in the app market, what made it stand out? In less than a decade, the app became the most preferred messaging app beating all the previous apps like Facebook messenger, Line, WeChat, Viber, and others. Not just WhatsApp, but there are hundreds of apps that have created a niche for themselves and have successfully won the heart of users. This brings you to an inference, that not the idea, but the execution of your app will make it unique!

How to initiate? 

In terms of app execution, at first, you need to jot down the essentials of your app in detail, which makes it easy to compare it with similar apps. The more precisely you define your app, the more it will bring clarity to your app. 

  • Define the purpose of your app & refer to what problem you are trying to address with your app. Here, you must also specify how will it benefit the users and what will make them download it. 

  • Then, define your customers. Once you know for whom you are building the app, you will be able to customize the user experience & build an enriching app. 

  • After you set your customer segment, it's time for you to list down the features & functionalities of your app in detail. 

  • Now give a look at your competing apps available to download. 

As you make a comparison, you will notice that while there are some of the features that could be the same as the other apps but on certain points, like target segment, features, revenue model or any other insight could be entirely different. This is where your distinction lies! 

Deliver a better app 

As you study the competition and analyze the customer research, you have to focus on building something better that already exists. As there are a lot of points where you can make your app different from others, just remember to deliver a better build quality of your app to beat the competition. A simple app with great features and excellent user experience is what will make your app unique. However, this shall not guarantee that people will stop using the app they are using currently after your app is launched, but a great marketing strategy and consistent improvement can surely make a great success story for your app!

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