Getting over Someone Lost in a Car Accident

Posted by Joseph Franks on February 25th, 2020

The demise of a loved one brings excruciating pain, especially when it was sudden and unexpected. Deaths in car accidents happen without warning, depriving a person from getting closure or the chance to say goodbye. Friends and family are left devastated, but everyone grieves in their own way. Some people are unable to express their pain, thus it takes toll on their health. For some it provokes deep-rooted fears, as the incident is their worst nightmare come to life. This causes mental disorders, anxiety, and the unwillingness to go on.

Depression and sadness is common among individuals affected by a wrongful death, but sometimes the loss triggers anger and helplessness. A spouse, parent, or child may try to look for ways to avenge the loss, but that is never a practical or rewarding approach. Getting back to normal and accepting the tragedy is an ongoing process that may take several years. It is impossible to forget or replace a human being, but you eventually learn to live with the deficit.

When someone dies of a terminal illness or old age, the family members are partially prepared to let go. On the other hand, episodes of suicide can come upon as a major shock if the red flags were not evident or went unnoticed by peers and blood relations. However, it is still less painful than an accidental death, where there is always someone to blame. In suicide cases, the deceased takes responsibility for ending his/her own life so there is nothing anyone can do. An individual who dies in a car crash without being at fault is rather unfortunate, as falling victim to another person’s negligence is unequitable. Almost 1.5 million people die in car accidents every year, which translates to over 3000 casualties per day.

Attorneys at Personal Injury Law Firm on Long Island, NYconfirm that drunk and distracted driving are the leading causes of car accidents today. A large fraction of the culprits is teens and young adults; irresponsible citizens pose a threat to pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, and other drivers every day. The legal system maintains a zero tolerance policy for DUI/DWI crimes, and victims of car accidents are eligible to claim reimbursement for personal injuries; an experienced lawyer in the field can help you acquire compensation for financial and uneconomic losses (such as pain and suffering).

The kith and kin of the victim of an auto accident are overwhelmed and in no state to look over worldly matters. Therefore, you do not have to worry about legal claims and financial settlements right away. Take your time to mourn and then think about the future with a clear mind. Losing a beloved may have deprived you of a monthly income and several other subsidies. The deceased could be the sole employed person in a household, bearing responsibility to provide for all family members. These things may seem trivial at first, but later survival becomes impossible.

It is important to vent your anguish and cry out loud if you must. Do not suppress your sorrow or you will never truly move on. Seek professional help and sign up for therapy sessions if you cannot cope with the situation on your own. Talk to other people who have gone through a similar loss and share your story. Open up to people who care about you and don’t refuse any kind of emotional support.

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