Impotence - a problem that can be easily detected and treated

Posted by juliabennet on May 30th, 2012

Many men suffer from failed erection problems. However, not all cases of failed erection should be seen as impotence. If the problem remains for a longer period of time, you should consult a doctor about impotence. The conditions characterized by consistent erectile dysfunction coupled with inability to acquire ejaculation are termed as impotence. Due to the rise in erectile dysfunction and many other associated problems, more and more men are becoming aware of how they should take their well-bring into their hands. The gaining awareness has lead to the popularity of HIV home test kits and other related equipments that help men to check if they have any sexual problems on their own.

The risk of impotence rises with age. The tendency is higher in people in their 60s than in those in their 40s. Illiterate people are more likely to suffer from impotence since they follow unhealthy lifestyles, drink more and exercise less. According to a study, regular exercise brings down the risk of impotence in men. You can consider having an HIV home test kit and other devices to determine if you have any sexual problems.

Even a few decades ago, doctors used to view impotence as a problem caused by depression, anxiety or stress. However, now both physical and psychological problems are held responsible for causing this sexual problem in men. A study confirms physical causes to be the reasons behind 75% cases of impotence.

Let us now highlight on the chief causes of impotence. Clogging of arteries often hinders normal blood flow to the penis causing erectile dysfunction. This condition is caused by atherosclerosis which is the result of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. When erection problems are caused by atherosclerosis, know that in future you might be subjected to coronary diseases like angina. Thus, consulting a physician about erectile dysfunction might prove good for your overall physical well-being. Buying an HIV home test kit can help you detect if you have any sex-related health problems.

High blood-pressure drugs and cholesterol-lowering medicines can cause impotence. Many instances of impotence are the results of antidepressants and non- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you experience erectile problems after using a particular medication, consult a doctor who might prescribe an alternative medicine.

Both Type and Type 2 diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy contributing to erection problems. In fact, diabetic patients are 3 times more likely to acquire problems like erectile dysfunction. Prostate cancer in their advanced stages can affect the arteries important for erection. Drugs counteracting testosterone are often used to treat advanced prostate cancer and these medicines can lead to loss of sexual interest.

Is impotence treatable? Yes, you can treat the problem with Viagra. Viagra functions within an hour and the effect remains for 3-4 hours. However, you need to be sexually stimulated to make Viagra effective. You can also try out transurethral therapy (Muse) to treat impotence.

Want to get information on male impotence treatments? You can browse through our online clinic to extract detailed information on the subject. You can buy HIV home test kits from us.

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