Why you should Hire a Buyer?s Real Estate Agent when Considering a property Purc

Posted by hellensmith on May 31st, 2012

If you are planning to buy Novi homes, make sure that you have an experienced real estate buyer’s agent on your side. There are many reasons to support this points as can be found here. Such an agent with vast experience and local contacts and knowledge can offer you client level services by understanding your housing requirements and meeting them in the context of his local knowledge. Even when you want to buy a residence in West Bloomfield Homes, you would be able to find the right help about the local real estate market and be able to assess all the properties that are on sale.

Usually, a Novi homes agent represents the seller and naturally his loyalty would force him to keep his client’s proposition protected. This would clearly mean that you would be a customer to such an agent and not any type of client. And, if you want the upper hand then you must have a buyer’s agent on your hand for whom you would be his client. It would even be beneficial if you enter into some agreement that would specify the agent’s and your responsibilities.

You must know that almost all the states are having laws that make it mandatory for a real estate agent to make disclosure for the business deal. This disclosure requires to clearly mentioning the truth that the agent is representing the seller and that the buyer is a customer and not client. Your West Bloomfield Homes buyer agent would educate you about the West Bloomfield real estate market by providing the latest market area information in addition to the average price and the existing conditions.

The information provided by the Novi homes buyer agent can include the trend in the property value that can have a major impact on your decision to buy in the area. And, when you have chosen a few properties that interest you, your real estate agent would perform research on the historical information on each of these properties. This data would further include the overall accessible inventory and any awaiting sales for the area or its neighborhood. The main objective behind this assessment conducted by your buyer agent is to give you all the essential information required for formulating the offer that can be negotiated or accepted to create a winning contract.

Your West Bloomfield Homes agent would also be responsible for negotiating and preparing the purchase and the sales offer according to your satisfaction. A experienced buyer agent with local knowledge would know how to acquire the data that can favor your negotiations with the property seller. This data can include the reasons behind the sale, any possible concessions or any other information that can give you an edge. And, it would be the responsibility of your agent never to disclose your situation or drive without your approval.

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