STD test is a must to detect and treat Sexually Transmitted Ailments

Posted by juliabennet on May 31st, 2012

STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases can turn out to be life-threatening, if not detected and treated on time. While some symptoms of the sexually transferred ailments are not prominent, few symptoms resemble the common diseases like flu, skin rash, high fever, diarrhea, severe headache and rapid weight loss. Thus, people often fail to detect the true cause of their problems and treat their symptoms with over-the-counter drugs. STD test is the only way to determine if you are suffering from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If you are involved in unrestrained sexual activities with multiple partners, you are likely to attract STDs like AIDS. An HIV test is the only way to detect AIDS. STDs like genital warts and herpes are also transmitted through skin to skin contact with the afflicted area. There are STDs that are transferred through breastfeeding and needles. 

Do STDs affect only the older adults who sleep around? No. Diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia mostly smite the teenagers while only a few older people are affected by these ailments. You do not need to sleep around to suffer from an STD, though sleeping around can enhance the chances of getting STDs. In the United Kingdom, individuals between 16 to 24 years are most likely to attract sexually transmitted diseases. However, improved diagnostic technologies, STD test and HIV testing methods have been introduced to diagnose the problems and treat them.

STD test is mandatory for those who are venturing out to commence a new relationship. Sexually transferred diseases that your physician should test every year include Gonorrhea, HIV and Gonorrhea. Who should undergo a STD test? Taking an STD test and, in certain instances, more than one test, is the best way to know if you are inflicted by the disease. An HIV test is a must for those who are engaged in active and unprotected sex with multiple partners. People who have exchanged blood, vaginal fluids and semen with other people should also consult a doctor and take necessary tests. A simple blood test can diagnose HIV.

Most STD tests are noninvasive and you can have the results within a few hours time. After an STD test, if you find that you have an incurable infection, you must share the secret with your future bed partners. Hiding the secret to your sexual partners is liable to prosecution in certain states. STD testing can also be done at home. With different brands of STD testing kits available in the market, the procedure is as easy as pregnancy testing at home. You just need to collect your urine specimen or genital swabs and at times both to acquire accurate results. The plus point of these at-home testing kits is that they enable you to conduct the test at home without anyone knowing about it.

If you think you are afflicted by a Sexually Transmitted Disease, go for a test to diagnose. Untreated STDs can lead to serious consequences. You can browse through our website and approach us to conduct a STD test. You just need to send a urine sample to get results within 72 hours. We can also help you take an HIV test


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