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Posted by Jennifer Atkinson on February 25th, 2020

With the success of ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, Ola, several businesses started offering taxi services on-demand. To stand out among the rising competition and succeed in the taxi industry, it has become vital to be unique and offer extra value to the money the users spent to avail of your service. Carpooling is one such idea that is found to captivate user attention when implemented appropriately.

If you think of entering the taxi business, then ride-sharing taxi services are a great option to consider. There are chances for your business to garner a large customer base as they can avail of these services at reduced costs than other taxi services in the industry. Also, ride-sharing services are known to save pollution and traffic congestion, contributing its part to care for the society. Thus, the cost-effective and eco-friendly nature of the ride-hailing industry is sure to get you on top of the market.

Let’s have a look at the benefits rendered to drivers and the riders by the ride-sharing app business.

Benefits to drivers

- The drivers are able to get an increased number of rides.

- They can increase their income as the number of trips increase.

- They can work anytime and are not compelled to any regulations that restrict their services.

Benefits to riders

- The users can avail the services at low costs compared to other taxi services.

- They get a comfortable and relaxed ride, along with the chance to socialize with professionals, i.e., meeting new people who share their trips with them.

- Apart from these benefits, carpooling services also help in decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles and prevents traffic gridlocks, offering benefits to the environment we live in.

Steps involved in the development of a ride-sharing app

To develop a ride-sharing app, you must follow the steps below.

Step 1: Understand the pros and cons of the ride-sharing app business

Step 2: Analyze the market and define your target market

Step 3: Choose a suitable business model for your app

Step 4: Find all possible ways to monetize the app

Step 5: Jot down the features to integrate into the app

Step 6: Reach out to the leading app developer in town to build the app

As you decide your niche, business model, and monetization ways, it is time for you to decide on the features to include in the app. It is vital to ensure that the app constitutes all essential and advanced features for its seamless functioning.

Salient features of a ride-sharing app

Easy registration/login

Provide options to users and drivers to register and sign in through their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Create profiles

Allow drives to maintain and edit their information, such as their contact details, vehicle details, payment preferences, and more.

Instant matching

Optimize the search process so users can share their rides with people traveling to the same destination.

Time and fare estimation

Provide users with an estimated time and fare so they can make informed decisions.

Intuitive notifications

The drivers are notified about the users’ requests, and the users are provided with the status of their ridesharing trip through push notifications.

GPS-enabled tracking

Allow users to track their drivers. Also, help the drivers locate the user’s pickup point so they can reach on time.

Multiple payment options

Integrate various payment gateways into the app and allow the users to pay with the mode of their preference.

Ratings and reviews

Provide users with options to provide ratings and reviews about their trips. It helps other users to choose the service based on the feedback provided.

Referral programs

Offer rewards and referral codes so the users will spread the word about your application to their friends and family members.

God’s eye view

Build a powerful admin panel so the admins can manage all their business operations efficiently through the dashboard.

A ride-sharing clone app

Once you finalize the features and functionalities to accommodate on your ride-sharing app, it is time to get into its development process. To build the app in the shortest time possible with top-notch functionality, it is suggested to opt for turnkey Uber clone app solutions. These Uber clones are pre-loaded with all features along with the benefit of personalizing them whenever needed.

Several app development companies in town offer Uber-like app development services at reduced costs. You can go with the company of your choice and get your ride-sharing app developed with them.

Why choose an Uber clone for your ride-sharing app development?

- The scripts of such Uber clones are highly scalable, giving the benefit of updating them as per the growing user expectations.

- The apps are free from bugs and other discrepancies, enabling its smooth operations.

- You can launch the app in the market in the shortest time possible, gaining you an edge over your competitors.

- The pre-built robust admin dashboard helps you to process a large volume of data on a daily basis.

Do thorough research before getting into the ride-sharing industry, get the app built, and rock the sector with your advanced ride-sharing application.

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