Water Purifier- The Secret Killer Of Water Borne Diseases

Posted by K2 Appliances on February 26th, 2020

What comes to mind when you listen to the word “water”? Close your eyes and think???

Let’s play the game of imagination. My blog surely takes you in the world that connects with your life. What’s your imagination? Early morning dew droplets on the leaves, Jal that we drink in the temple, droplets of holy water to make your home pure or the natural blessing that accomplishes our thirst.

My Childhood Water Stories

I remember my childhood days when there was a scarcity of water. My granny used to tell me that I am lucky to have plenty of water at my place. She took me to the temple and what I saw was a  heart-melting incident. The little kids were begging for a few drops of water. That moment was an eye-opener for me. I promised my granny that from today I will use water wisely and will save it like a pearl.

My memorable journey was when I visited the village and there I actually learned that water is life. “Water is God” for farmers, they used to pray to get water in the form of rain to do farming. That moment I realized the worth of our natural resource. What’s your childhood water story?

God blessings + Human Savings = Water showering

Now, it is the correct time to reveal a surprise for my readers. Any guesses? My blog will surely assist you in knowing the inside tales of the water purifier.

The Success Mantra Of Water Purifier Brands

Why brands designed a product called a water purifier? 

Do you remember the global mantra “ Blue is the new green”? This mantra was a motivation for many brands. It indicates that it is the green signal for brands to create a technological product that purifies the water, does proper treatment and serves us with the quality water. Many brands like Kent, HUL come up with their low -priced water purifiers to accomplish the pure water needs of the middle- class and low-class people.

Some real facts

  • It is correctly said, “ If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” The importance of having water can be well examined through the fact that a person can survive for a month without consuming food but guess what??? You can’t live for more than a week without water.

  • Many villages are still struggling for a bucket of water. You must have watched a trail of women walk through several miles to get water. According to international standards, village water is still not portable to drink. 

  • Thankfully, A Canadian scientist, Dr. David Manz, has crafted a useful gadget that can solve the health problems of villagers. He designed a low-budget Bio-sand water filter to eradicate the growth of the virus, bacteria, and contamination in water.

Even villagers are drinking pure water as they know the importance of life. City people, now it’s your time to shift from tap water to water purifier. As “Health is Wealth. You can buy the Best water purifier and secure your life from the trap of deadly diseases.

Top 5 water purifiers

  • Kent Grand Mineral RO/UV/UF

  • LG Puricare Stainless Steel Tank Purifier

  • Blue Star Majesto RO+UV Water Purifier (8L)

  • Havells Max Purifier With Mineralizer

  • Kent Ace Mineral RO/UV/UF)

Why do water purifiers become our lifeline?

The water purifier has become the savior and safeguards our life. Your Doctor water purifier has pulled up its socks to secure your life from the web-circle of diseases. 

Importance of water purifier

Water is actually our food

Do you know most of the food that we consume contains water? I believe “yes”.Then, you must cook food with fresh water. 

Monthly savings

Are you spending heavy bugs on doctor’s treatment? If you are one of them, then you must buy the best water purifier and save your money. It will surely help you in maintaining balance life free from contaminants

Fresh and healthier foodstuff

Are you a foodie? “ Yes,” we all are. But with fresh water, you can enhance the quality of your food. It will increase the taste of your food.

Your family health

Want to protect your family? Gift your family an innovative gadget-water purifier and secure their lives from water-borne diseases.

Frequently asked questions by users

Is tap water safe for drinking?

In today’s polluted era, the tap water we are consuming contains bacteria and viruses. According to the research, many people in India lost their lives after drinking tap water. So, want to secure your family from a vicious circle of water-borne diseases? Get the best water purifier for your home. Get it via K2 Appliances and avail 10% cashback.                                                           

Is the plastic of the water purifier safe?

Yes, the plastic is safe. The water purifier is designed with high-quality plastic and it is non-toxic. You need not have to worry as the plastic will not change the actual odor of the water.

What are the types of water purifiers available in the market?

Types of water purifierAdvantages
Reverse Osmosis* RO water purifier eliminates the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and virus
* It is safe, cost-effective and easy to operate
Ultraviolet* The purifier keeps the essential mineral in water
* It doesn’t use any chemical in water purification
UltraFiltration* The water purifier works in low-water pressure
* The purifier filters muddy water also
Activated Carbon* This water removes harmful chemicals like chlorine
* It removes heavy metal particle
Sediments* It is the pre-filter used with RO and UV water purifier.

What we should do in case of the water purifier leakage?

Firstly, switch off the power button and unplug the power cord. Next, close the tap valve and check out the incorrect fitments. If you don't get the reason for leakage then make a call to the customer care executive. 

Wrapping Up

My blog surely gives you the inside details about the significance of water purifiers in our life. Now, purchase the best water purifier for your home and guard your family against the terror of water diseases. Get the water purifier via K2 Appliances and avail 10% cashback.

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