Top Reasons to Virtualize your Phone System

Posted by Sandip Patel on February 26th, 2020

Do you wish to transform your IT infrastructure to improve the efficiency of your business operation? Well, you need to think about virtualizing your communication system. Today, a large number of companies are virtualizing their phone system with the primary aim to enhance their operation, efficiency, productivity, cost-saving, etc.

To save more cost and also simplify the IT infrastructure, businesses nowadays frequently choose the option to virtualize their entire communication system along with various other important technologies that are highly important for any business.

What is virtualization and What it Means for SMBs? 

Talking about the virtualization that brought a great revolution in the way the IT department deploys the system. Today, the IT department has to deploy only one but a robust server with the use of virtualization software. It makes servers capable of running numbers of applications and operating systems simultaneously. 

The virtualization software is responsible for controlling and managing a range of software and thus also enables the administrators to get the idea of resources that are already allocated. Virtualization is also highly popular among small businesses (SMBs) and witnessed its huge acceptance among them. 

Even for SMBs, it became highly important to server rooms and space has become highly complex as the technologies nowadays need more resources and servers. The majority of SMBs nowadays rely on virtualization with the main purpose to simplify their disaster recovery.

Advantages of Moving Towards Software-based Products 

The major advantages of moving towards software-based products can be described in terms of accessibility and scalability. Today, voice services are rendering with the use of data connection. And it thus removes the necessity of connectivity through traditional modes like PRI, analog, or similar services.

Top Benefits of Virtualizing your Advanced Communication Solutions

Complete Solutions for Scalability Issues 

The most interesting fact about virtualization is that it comes as complete solutions for all types of scalability issues that your organization faces. It lets administrators control resources (whether they are shrinking or expanding) properly. 

It’s the administrator who is responsible for determining the allocation of resources such as RAM, CPU, etc. Besides, they can also adjust these resources according to the expansion and traction of businesses.

Better Uptime and Disaster Recovery 

Downtime in the communication system results in not only operational hassles but also a big revenue loss for any organization. On the other hand, it is also true that the downtime in the phone system is also rising to a greater extent. 

VMware, an important platform, lets organizations find a complete solution in this arena. The platform is blessed with features such as high availability, live migration, storage migration, etc. that help apps run flawlessly even during downtime due to hardware failure or any other reason.

Flexibility and Simplicity

As mentioned above, if you maintain and deploy separate hardware for every app, it often takes a huge amount of time and also creates a lot of struggles for IT professionals to keep it up to date. When it comes to a virtualized system, it minimizes technology headaches and lets you deploy it easily and quickly. 

Moreover, the virtualization platform is blessed with several tools and features, which give IT department flexibility for managing and controlling communication networks in a proper way. 

Power Saving 

To ensure the success of the IT infrastructure, professionals need to manage cooling, power, capacity, etc. of the data center in a proper way. Virtualization, on the other hand, tends to decrease power, network infrastructure, cooling, storage infrastructure, etc. that helps minimize energy consumption.


When it comes to cost, the virtualization system also has some great advantages over those of some traditional systems. Virtualization comes with an ability to consolidate a large number of apps into a limited number of servers. 

Businesses manage it to reduce the expenses with the use of fewer physical servers and also those of limited vendor-specific appliances.

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