Three Factors to Consider When Choosing cat scratching posts

Posted by vijayvinson on June 3rd, 2012

 Your cat always gives you company at home. However, it has some of its own requirements that you should make sure that they are met. Your cat loves scratching and if you don’t make proper arrangements for it, it is going to cause damage to your carpet and furniture. This is the reason cat scratching posts are developed so that while your furnishings remain intact, your cat gets its satisfaction by scratching as long as it wants. Cats have a natural instinct for scratching and a good cat scratching post is designed in such a way to help them satiate this desire without damaging your expensive carpet and furniture.

As a human, you may think that all the cat scratching posts are same. But, from the perspective of a cat, they vary in terms of the scratching material used in making them. Begin by considering the proper height of the scratch post. Choose a height that enables your cat to stretch out to the full. If the height doesn’t meet with your pet’s requirements then it would again revert to some other item in the home to fulfill its scratching desires.

The next crucial factor to be considered in the choice of a cat scratching post is its stability. Your cat wants to scratch the carpet or furniture because it feels good to it. Your couch and furniture are good scratching materials because they are stable and don’t move when the cat scratches them. Therefore, make sure that you get a scratch post that is also stable.

The type of scratching surface is the next factor to be considered in the choice of cat scratching posts. The different options are carpet-covering, bare wood and sisal rope. You would make your choice on the basis of what your pet likes.

However, it has been found that most cats prefer sisal over other materials. This is especially because it is relatively rougher, and the benefit is that sisal as a material is long-lasting compared to the other options.

Whichever cat scratching post you choose, make sure that the material is of high-quality and lasts longer. It should also have good appearance and designs that match with your décor. So that now you know how to go about buying the right scratch post for your pet, you wouldn’t find difficulty in finding the ideal post for your little friend.

Don’t you want to give your cat a good scratching experience? Make sure that you do some research on cat scratching posts before making the purchase. Check this link to get more guidance and information on cat scratching post.

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