Benefits Of Vlogging For Business

Posted by kaushika on February 26th, 2020

Benefits Of Vlogging For Business,

There are several Benefits Of Vlogging For Business, Vlogs or the abbreviated term for Video Blogs is the latest of the video making trend that has seen an exponential  rise in the past decade. Vlogs act as a form of communication channel where the person produces and uploads videos that capture acts of everyday life. In simpler terms, a Vlog is a video that documents a person’s life.

Adam Kontras The first blogger
Adam Kontras The first blogger

Vlogging made its initial beginning in the year 2000 when Adam Kontras posted the first-ever vlog. But, the practice didn’t gain immense popularity until the launch of the second biggest search engine – YouTube in 2005.

Today, Vlogging is the biggest tool by which people can share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Vlogging has made it possible for vloggers to create a giant community on social media and to develop deeper connections with the audience. 

Popular platforms where Vloggers are posting their videos are YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, etc

Why is Vlogging Necessary?

Videos are taking nearly 75% of Internet traffic today. Around 2.6 billion people worldwide are digital video viewers as per the 2019 estimates.

Volgging for Business Statistics
Volgging Statistics

Video ranks as the topmost source of content that users are now looking for on the Internet. 

Vlogging For Business is also considered to be the most effective marketing technique that can help brands and businesses to reach a massive audience. 

Vlogging Over Blogging

Blogging is the part of the content marketing strategy that aims to provide keyword-rich, quality content that users can read and interact with. 

Vlogging is a video format of blogs and It has become a preferred source in recent times as:-

  • Vlogging for businesses helps businesses deliver deeper content with the use of visual design and graphics.
  • Users prefer watching a 5 min video explaining all the content rather than reading a 1000 word blog post.
  • With the help of Vlogs, a person can turn a boring topic into something exciting and engaging.
  • Videos have the ability to go viral rapidly and in a very short time, it can reach a massive audience. 

How Can Vlogging Help Your Businesses?

It is estimated that, by 2021, more than 80% of the internet traffic will be taken up by videos. Video marketing offers an incredible opportunity for businesses to take lead in the competitive marketing sphere. One of the greatest video marketing techniques that brands can leverage is Vlogging.

Volgging for Business
Volgging for Business

Vlogging can be used as a great tool by businesses to educate and inform customers about their products and services. With the help of Vlogging, brands can add a human touch to their businesses and can provide a human face to their company.

Vlogging has enabled vloggers to get into the domain of influncer marketing and target unique . Businesses and brands can establish advertising partnerships with these vloggers and can target a massive pool of young audiences.

Various B2C companies like make-up and fashion brands are now leveraging incredible use of Vlogging. Vlogging has set open the doors to target a giant social community. 

Advantages of Vlogging For Businesses.

Vlogging offers businesses an opportunity to scale their operations to new heights. Some of the advantages of Vlogging are:-

  • SEO factor- More than 50% of Google searches are directed towards the video content. And as per the SEO factor, Videos are still the less competitive field. Brands optimizing their videos for search engines have a higher chance of appearing on top of the search engines rankings page.
  • Add a personal touch- Vloggers promoting the products start representing the company. It adds a face and a voice to the business, with which users and audience can interact with. Businesses can leverage this relationship to send out commercial messages in more informal ways.
  • Establish authority- By creating informative and quality video brands can establish a positive relationship with their customers. These videos can also be used as a great source to give insider tips, hidden information, how to use, etc. Providing multiple information through videos reassures customers about the brand’s expertise in the field.
  • Popular platforms- Most of the vlogs that are created are posted on popular social platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook. These platforms help businesses to increase their online presence and drive a huge amount of traffic to the websites.
  • Viral Videos- The best thing about video marketing is their ability to be shared between all the social media channels. Quality videos that provide value to the users go viral. This sharing capability gives vlog the potential to reach a wide audience.
  • Creative freedom- Vlogging gives the businesses an option to twist and turn the boring topics and present them in a fun-loving way. A large amount of info can be presented in videos of shorter duration.
  • Increase conversion rate- Videos can work effectively to increase the CTR of business websites. This, in turn, will lead to more quality leads and more conversation rates.

Over the past decade, Videos have seen a booming increase in their popularity. More than 60% of businesses are now leveraging the power of video marketing to scale their business. The trends for the upcoming years show no sign of change either. Vlogging for businesses is there to stay and brands not utilizing this New Marketing Trend are falling behind in the competitive race.

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