Choosing the Best Type of cat scratching post

Posted by vijayvinson on June 3rd, 2012

You must have many times stopped your cat from scratching the carpet and those expensive furniture pieces. But, still they get back to the same act because they can’t resist it. You don’t want to keep replacing your expensive carpet. The best solution to this problem is to get your kitty a cat scratching post. Once you train them to scratch on these posts, they wouldn’t mess around with your furnishings. However, choosing the right cat trees or scratching posts can be a little difficult.

All cats behave in a different way and have different tastes. Therefore, you must choose a cat scratching post that your cat likes the most. Your goal would be to divert your cat from scratching your home décor. It is also important to choose where the post is placed so that your pet is always around it and easily scratches it. It would be best to place it where the cat sleeps.

You must find out whether your cat loves a soft or a rough textured surface. While some cats would like the cat trees to be vertical, others prefer playing with horizontal ones. So, make sure that you get a post based upon your cat’s liking and also its height. You can find a post that includes both sisal rope and a bed for your pet. This is a more elaborate type of post that is made from high-quality sisal that is durable and lasts for long. While your cat would be able to sleep in it, it would also be able to fulfill its sleeping desire.

This type of cat scratching post would eliminate the chances of your cat leaving its bed to scratch around. Sisal has a rough texture, which would satisfy your pet’s scratching needs and it wouldn’t shred. This gives you a smart and long-term solution to this disturbing behavior of your pet.

Another good choice available in the market is a scratching post having a cradle along with sisal. In addition to fulfilling its scratching needs, it can also take a nap on top of the cradle. In addition to its practical benefits, you can also find these cat trees in different colors so that it they go well with your interior décor. Another design that you can opt for is the horizontal scratching post. This may also be made from sisal or carpet as your choice. It is ideal for your cat if it prefers a horizontal post rather than a vertical one.

You would certainly want your kitty to spend its time scratching on something else rather than on your expensive carpet or furniture. Its best you give her a good quality cat scratching post so that she remains busy playing with it. Visit this link to explore the different types of cat trees.

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