How and Where To Buy Cheap Textbooks Online

Posted by AngeloEverton on June 4th, 2012

 Textbooks are your major expenses of every semester, and they can be very, very expensive.  But there’s good news here:  you can buy them at discounted prices from 40% - 85%.  And what do you need to do?  Just explore online university bookstores. There you can find cheap textbooks – cheaper than the bookstores in your school campus.  However, before you take the plunge and place your order with any online bookstore that you find on the Internet, there are some things that should be considered.

The first in line is the cost of shipping.  Because books are heavy weights, any offer on free shipping is a definite plus factor.  And don’t forget at the online university bookstore’s inventory.  If it is big, it is better, so you do not need to divide your order of cheap textbooks among 2 or 3 different bookstores.  This system may cost you more in shipping costs.

Next, make sure that you read and understand the bookstore’s buy back and return policies.  These policies vary by store to store.  You should know how long you can keep the book with you before you return it if you are to drop a class. You should also know the store’s policy about what you can do, and what you cannot do to a book, and how “damage” is defined by the online university bookstore.  Your definition might be more lax than the vendor’s.

On the internet are some places where you can go if you want to find cheap textbooks.  You can try Craigslist and Facebook first.  Students advertise and sell their used books here on these sites. If you have an account on Facebook, you can readily find books for sale here, because Facebook is the most popular social networking sites on the net. Other sites where you can find that book that you are looking for include: - It has a search function that crawls the internet in search of the best deals of the moment, best prices, promotions and coupons for the books that you are looking for.  The site also tells you where you can buy cheap textbooks. - is a university bookstore where you can buy, rent, and sell textbooks.  You can also download e-books, saving you almost 50% off the prices of new textbooks.  Free shipping is offered for an amount of $59 that you spent for rent or purchase. – You can surely find the book that you want here, with its inventory of over 7 million books.  Prices here are mostly lower than other websites and there is also free ground shipping if your order reaches $25. customer service is generally desirable and responsive.  Books ordered arrive on time and reported to be in good condition. - Its main function is renting books, but it is also possible to buy your books here with discounts, and then sell them again at the end of the semester, for cash or credit.  The website offers low rental, flexibility in rental period, low purchase price, good customer service and prompt delivery.

Now you can get cheap textbooks at university bookstore.

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