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The Genuine Cost of Building and Accomplishing a WordPress Website

Posted by ebuilderz on February 26th, 2020

WordPress will provide you with some free and also premium templates that will work well. There are a couple of differences between the free and premium WordPress templates. Let us look at the two to see their differences.

Free WordPress Templates

The free WordPress templates are a better option if you are running on a low budget. Depending on the business type, you can choose a reliable template from the long list of free templates provided by WordPress. Also, the themes you want to use are offered free, so you only have to choose the one that suits your site.

Even though you won’t require a WordPress website Design Company, that does not mean you won’t spend even a penny on it. Your website will need hosting, which does not come free of charge. Also, you will have to purchase the domain name of your website.

Premium WordPress Templates

If you choose to go with the premium option, you have to purchase the template from WordPress. The premium templates grant you with more functionality than in free WordPress templates. The way the website will appear is all up to you. You can customize the website according to your preference.

Some other factors can help you in making a budget for your website. Below we will highlight some of the factors that will define the cost of building and accomplishing a WordPress website.

  1. Domain Name – a website domain name should cost around - . The cost varies across the registrars. Each registrar has its prices.
  2. Web Hosting – for shared hosting, the cost will be between .75 and per month. For VPS hosting, the price will be between and per month. Dedicated hosting will cost roughly between and 0 per month. Cloud hosting will cost between .50 and 0 per month.
  3. Design and Development - the price of the design of the website will solely depend on the WordPress website design company working on the site. For basic website design, it will cost you between 00 and ,000.
  4. Content – the price of the website content will depend on the writer. They charge differently for different topics. The average cost for website content will be between 00 and ,000.
  5. ECommerce website – An eCommerce website offers sales functionalities. If you want an eCommerce website, the price will be between ,000 and 0,000.

Free WordPress templates don’t offer much functionality as those in premium templates. By doing the sum of the costs above, you will know the total cost.

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