How to Choose the Right Meeting Rooms in Hotels for Your Next Event

Posted by gaurisatpute on February 26th, 2020

Nowadays it is quite a common practice to choose a hotel with a conference center to arrange business meetings or a small business conference. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, for meeting rooms in hotels come with their own different features, amenities, and support, besides, of course, the locational factor. Read on for some tips for choosing hotel meeting rooms for your next business event:

  • Determine the seating arrangement: the type of gathering should be the prime factor when it comes to deciding how people will be arranged and the type of space you need. For example, if you are presenting, you may need chairs for your guests; and if you are holding a strategy meeting, everyone will need tables for writing down the ideas/proposals.
  • Know the services that the hotel offers: different venues will vary when it comes to the services they have to offer. If there’s a presentation to happen, make sure you check which Audio/Visual (AV) equipment is available. It would be a mess if you reach the venue only to discover that there is no cable or connector that you would need to connect your laptop to. Besides AV equipment, also have a run-through to check if the Wifi, catering, etc. are in place.
  • Visit before booking: hotels with meeting rooms Dubai may look great online but it is always advisable to tour the places available before confirming the venue. Examine what’s available for booking, see how the staff treats guests, check if the meeting room is available for the particular day/slot you are looking for, and so on.
  • Easily accessible location: say for instance, if the meeting will have outstation attendees, it is better to choose a location that is easily accessible from the station/airport. That way, everyone can arrive without any hassles and get down to business.
  • Comfortable seats: business meetings often require the attendees to be seated for long periods of time, so of course, you would want to ensure that the seats are comfortable enough so that they can stay focused. Also, business hotels in Dubai try to arrange the seating with sufficient space between the chairs, so that if someone needs to shift around or stretch their legs, they should not have to worry about disturbing their neighbors.

You may need a private meeting room for 50-odd guests, a banquet room for a formal experience, and so on. Get in touch with the hotel authorities to learn more about how they can accommodate and personalize the event.