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Posted by AngeloEverton on June 4th, 2012

 What would a senior do with the books he has studied in the last semester? He or she wouldn’t have any use of these books anymore and would want to dispose them off. This is your chance to take advantage of their needs; mostly they would need cash for the same. And they would be willing to sell of their old textbooks for almost half the price. Now if you walk into the university bookshops around your campus, you would find glossy books or ones in shrink wrap giving you what you want at a mammoth price. Would you want to spend $200 for a book when you can actually pick up the same book from your seniors for lower than half the price? As it is you would have so many expenses to manage, so why not curtail as few?

College textbooks don’t come for cheap and when you buy them for the whole semester, you would be at a loss. It is a fact that the value of the books would depreciate over time, infact some of them depreciate in less than three months. So if you have paid say $200 for a textbook, at the end of the semester you would have to resell them for almost half the price, does that make any sense? Why should you pay full price and run into losses later on, when you can either rent out or buy from seniors when you start your new semester? You should know that going through college and completing it till your graduate is an expensive affair by itself, why then would you want to add more expenses to your overstretched budget?

There are many online university bookshops such as ours, and of repute to choose your shopping for books from. If there is a certain book which is unavailable at a brick and mortar store, do let us know and we will get that book for you as soon as possible. The rates even would be far lower than the brick and mortar store since online stores such as ours wouldn’t bill you with overhead costs, for we have none. And moreover you can now look out for cheap textbooks as well, or even old and used ones too through our reputed sites. We ensure that every book is delivered to you at the earliest and even your future requests are well taken care of.

So students, be smart and curtail your expenses thereof, stop spending so much on new shrink wrap paperback versions. It certainly doesn’t make sense to spend so much on a single semester. Allow us to provide you with college textbooks for cheap. You should learn to make the best use of your college days, and managing your finances should be your priority. Focus well and study hard for times are indeed tough, but don’t sacrifice all your hard earned cash for books only, you have other needs to cater to as well, so think about them.

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