working with a combination living room/dining room area in a small space home

Posted by aihw on February 26th, 2020

Work in a small space home with a living/dining area.

You are not alone if your small space residence has a combined living/dining area.

Nowadays, many small houses and apartment units offer such a combined area.

It is not difficult to create the appearance of two different areas.

Just use some furniture arrangement and decoration techniques to make your small space go from one room to two separate rooms.

Carpet, screen or room partition can also be used.

For those who do not want to use large room partitions, it is easy to complete without using them.

One way to not use a screen or partition is to use a large area carpet

Each \"room\" is one and furnished around these carpets.

This will provide a visual separation of the two rooms.

In addition to this, you can also provide other visual separation cues by using colors on the wall.

If you are allowed to paint or paint the walls with paper, try using light tones of any color in an area, plus a color-coordinated wallpaper border.

You can then differentiate between the two regions by using the main color scheme as an auxiliary color scheme for another region.

This will achieve separation, not unity, which can happen if you use two completely different colors for each area.

If you would like to create an accent wall in one of the areas, please paint the wall in the same color as the other area;

The rest of the wall has a lighter shadow.

The unification of these two areas can also be achieved by maintaining the same decorative theme in these two areas.

Beach theme, Country Life theme-

Any of these and other themes can be incorporated into the living room and dining area.

The dining room table accessories, such as salt, pepper, towel rack, floor mat, tablecloth, etc. , can reflect the theme.

Decorate the two areas with pictures of the same theme and try to keep the furniture similar, such as dark cherry wood for dining room tables and chairs, dark cherry wood for living room coffee table and coffee table.

Furniture can be used as a natural boundary, and when the combined area of the living room/dining room is used in a small space home, the two areas can be separated.

You can place a large bookshelf or buffet between the two areas you want to separate.

Or let the buffet face the restaurant one way, with a bookcase on the back facing the living room.

Placing furniture back to back like this creates a border that provides more floor space for each area.

From the dining room area to the living room area, you also need to keep an area that is free to walk.

Low furniture also creates the illusion of more space in each room.

For example, the low back sofa and sofa in the living room bring spacious air to the area.

With these tips, you can create the separate area you want from your combined living/dining room space while achieving overall harmony.

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