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Posted by AngeloEverton on June 4th, 2012

Nothing can beat the textbook prices in being the largest problem of college students.  This continuing rise in prices of books is the thorn that hurts the sides of almost all students in higher institutions of the country.  The campus bookstores are convenient and nice to go to, but they are expensive.  Luckily, there are now online college bookstores that allow you to buy textbooks for less. 

A college bookstore has become a prominent place to buy textbooks because books here are cheaper, whether you are trying to buy an old or a new textbook.  All booksellers online should maintain their lower prices because of the stiff competition among internet book merchants, besides buyers have the ability to make price comparison .in just a few seconds.  This is how transparent is the online market.  In brick and mortar stores, you cannot make a price comparison this easily.  You will have to spend time and money going from one store to another to get the prices of their books.

Online book sellers buy textbooks in great quantities, so they can avail of the deep discounts offered by distributors. This is one reason why these college bookstores are able to sell new books at cheaper prices.  Also, there is no or very little overhead expense for online book retailers.

Another reason why college bookstores are the best places to buy textbooks is because it is fast.  If you are planning to buy textbook online, the entire process will take only about 15 – 20 minutes.  After you have found the book that you need, just use your credit card to pay for it.  You can also use sites like PayPal and other payment methods.  There are no lines to wait on and there’s  no need for you to drive all the way down to the store location.  After payment, your order will be shipped to the address that you provide, and you just wait.

Wide selection of titles and authors also make college bookstores  a suitable place to buy textbooks. Unlike the regular stores that are restrained by walls, the Internet is not.  So you can choose your books from great selection -  used copies that are months old, used copies that are years old, or brand new.

If you happen to find a greater bargain from other online stores, you can cancel your order before the shipment date.  However, cancellations are not always allowed in some bookstores, so it is wise to understand the store’s terms and conditions before finalizing your order.  Some stores are strict about this option, and you might be penalized for canceling your order.  Other stores are more flexible – they will not charge you a penny if you cancel your order, but your request for cancellation should reach them ahead of book shipment date.

And finally, after the semester is over, you have an option to re-sell your college textbook to the seller.  This allows you to recoup a portion of your investment on books.

The best places to buy textbooks online are the different college bookstores.

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