5 points to note about Spanish translators

Posted by adairsawyer on June 7th, 2012

English to Spanish translation is loads of fun especially for those that know how to do it. There are thousands of Spanish translators that earn their livelihood translating from English to Spanish. If your business requires that you get documents transferred from English to Spanish then you can always rely on these translators to get error free translations done. But when you look to hire translators in Spanish, look to hire professional agencies and not individuals. An individual may offer you better rates but an agency will offer you total solutions.

As you search for an agency that can do English to Spanish translation you should keep certain points in mind. As mentioned, Spanish translators in the US are many but some of them are better than the others. To find the most professional agencies for Spanish translation you must spend some time picking them.

The first point to note about Spanish translators is whether you are looking at an agency or an individual. Dealing with an agency for English to Spanish translation is always better because you don’t need to find individual translators for Catalan or Iberian. Give the translation job to an agency and they will find the right people for your requirement. The other advantage you get when you deal with an agency is that they will adhere to TAT. There will be scenarios where you hardly have time to get a translation done. It is a professional agency that can match the tight timelines that you have.

The second point to note about a Spanish translation agency is the type of translation it does. A large agency typically does all types of English to Spanish translation – legal translation, medical translation and patent translation and so on. It is important to deal with such Spanish translating agencies because you can bank on them for any translation job. Otherwise you will always be on the lookout for different translators depending on the translation job you want to get done.

Profiling the Spanish translation agency is also important. While you go through the profiles of some of the Spanish translators you should look at their organization structure. Do they have enough people on board? Do they service customers throughout the country? Do they have sworn translators on their rolls? Can they handle other translations apart from English to Spanish translation? Can they offer other services like desktop publishing, proofreading and dictionary translations and so on?

Cost of English to Spanish translation is also something you need to consider very carefully. There are agencies that charge you through your nose and there are agencies that are very reasonable. It is best to take quotes from multiple agencies so that you have an idea of the cost of their work.

And before you finalize an agency ensure that you get some sample of their work. Most Spanish translators do sample translations so that you are aware of their work quality. Get a page of English to Spanish translation done through some agencies before you finalize one of them.

Want English to Spanish translation done? Professional Spanish translators can handle this job with ease.

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