How To Take Cbd Oil Tincture

Posted by andyMccoy on February 26th, 2020

For the people who just started to make use of CBD oil, one of their most popular and preferred way of making use of it is by taking hemp CBD tincture. Tinctures are very fast in having effects on the body and can be used easily and conveniently by anyone. This simply means that anybody can enjoy all the health benefits that CBD offers. If you are still new to the usage of CBD, then it is very important that you learn and have a full understanding of how you can make use of CBD tinctures. There is good news for the new CBD user, and the good news is that there is no difficulty in learning this skill.

In this article, we will help you to understand CBD in general, we will also help you gain the knowledge of what CBD tincture is, including the way it works. Finally, we will discuss the simple way with which you can make use of it.

Now, let us begin with what CBD is.

CBD – What is it?

CBD is the easiest and shortest way of saying Cannabidiol. It is one of the many natural cannabinoids or active compounds that are found in the cannabis/hemp plant.

After CBD has been extracted out of the hemp or cannabis plant, it can be used in different kinds of products which include edibles, topicals, tinctures, and e-liquids.

For some years now, many people have been making use of this CBD product for medical purposes and the users have testified to the way they have been helped by using this natural supplement. Although it is true that CBD has been confirmed to have various health benefits, such as treating or reducing chronic pain, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety and depression, eradicating insomnia, treating acne, and many more, more research is still being made to be 100% sure of the benefits it offers and the ailments it treats.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is not like the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has intoxicating effects on its users. This means that a person can never be intoxicated or high while making use of hemp CBD products. This allows the individual to receive all the benefits that cannabinoid offers without any intoxicating feelings.

The hemp plant has a little amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in it and it is mostly for industrial use that this plant is grown. This means that if any CBD product is derived from hemp, it is regarded as legal in the USA. This is under the Farm Bill of 2018.

How CBD works

The biological systems in the human body, such as the nervous system have what is being called the ECS which means, Endocannabinoid System. When cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD is being taken, it interacts with the ECS.

According to what studies have proven, when CBD influences these receptors, their functionality can be well maintained and improved. This also means that the CBD will help to improve the integrity of the Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS) that they regulate.

Because of the interaction which CBD has with the ECS, CBD is able to offer its user a variety of health benefits like stress reduction, pain relief, and many more.

Now, let us talk about CBD tinctures.

What are CBD Tinctures?

Long before the time medicine was introduced, most people made use of tinctures centuries ago for treating various kinds of health problems, and this was their main method of treatment.

When we are talking about the word tincture, we are referring to herbs that have been made in liquid form. An example is cannabis. To produce it, the hemp plant is being soaked inside a particular kind of solvent; it might vegetable glycerine or alcohol. It will be left in the solvent for many weeks. But, if it is CBD oil tincture that is to be produced, cannabis that has a very high quantity of CBD can be soaked for many weeks inside alcohol until it is completely liquid.

However, the production of any CBD oil tincture depends fully on the kind of effects that the producer desires. Sometimes, the producer can decide to refine the liquid so that the whole plant compound in the hemp plant will be present in it.

As soon as the extract of the plant has been made to be completely in a liquidized form, then it is ready to be administered by making use of a dropper to drop it beneath the tongue (sublingually).

How to take CBD tinctures

When you are being told to make use of a dropper to take the CBD oil sublingually, it simply means that you should put the required drop of the oil beneath your tongue and hold it for thirty to ninety seconds before you swallow it. If you take it this way, it will allow the vein that is beneath or underneath your tongue to absorb the oil. When the oil has entered into the bloodstream, the effects of the CBD oil can then be administered successfully.

The advantages of taking CBD

Not only are the use of CBD tinctures a popular and very easy way of consuming Cannabidiol (CBD), it is also one of the most effective ways that you can consume CBD.

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, and because of this, they deliver the required quantity of CBD all over the human body faster than any other method, be it edibles, topical, or capsules. Before the human body finishes breaking down edibles or capsules, it has already broken down the CBD tincture.

Betsy Miller, who is a Clinical Herbalist, has claimed that patients suffering from severe health problems, such as anxiety,  depression, or pain, can benefit more from the use of CBD hemp oil tincture supplement drops. One other great advantage of a CBD tincture is that it is the best alternative to avoiding smoking, i.e. vaping CBD. This means that it is highly beneficial and advantageous for the people that are suffering from a kind of health issue that does not allow them to vape, or even for people that do not like vaping.

The best CBD oil tincture dosage to consume

For now, there is no static CBD dosage that has been recommended by the FDA, meaning that there is not yet an official dosage that an individual can take.

This has made consumers go with the common recommendation that is often given by friends who make claims that they have expertise in the field, just because they also make use of CBD. – "Take a drop of CBD oil tincture per day”. While a few drops is enough for one person’s ailment, another person may require a full dropper once to twice per day.

The truth is that the same dosage cannot work for everyone. This means that there will be "trial and error” when determining the dosage to take. But there are three simple tips you can follow which will help you in taking the right dosage.

First, the dosage should be estimated based on the weight that your body possesses. Secondly, start taking a small quantity of CBD, and as time progresses, you can begin to gradually increase the dosage. This is a great method for slowly introducing the CBD to the ECS sysyem. Thirdly, you should seek the consent of your physician, especially when you are in doubt. Your physician will be able to guide you on the best dosage that will help the situation. Be patient if your doctor does not know much about CBD as most western medicine doctors were not educated in natural medicine.

Now, you can adopt the use of CBD oil tinctures to treat acute health challenges. As we have said earlier, it is very easy and effective. Join the CBD world today.

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