How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

Posted by james Moores on February 26th, 2020

These sites not only publish your free e-book on their site, they also publish on their telegram channel and mobile app, which is very valuable to you. The important thing is that if your eBook is useful and useful, it can become extremely viral. Whenever your e-book gets viral and lots of sites are put on their site, many people are familiar with your name and business, and of course many will come to your site.

Just like the eBook, " 10 Basic Ways to Increase Telegram Channel Membrane " which was an article, I converted it to a PDF file and published it on the Green Book site. Later, many news sites, especially the popular PC site, released this book on their site. Just look up the title of this book on Google to find out.

  •        Video production and publishing

Videos have always been the most popular content format and have a greater impact on audiences. There is nothing wrong with producing a video. You don't have to go in front of the camera yourself! You don't want to brand or want to make a promotional video. You can easily convert your site articles to video and redistribute them to other sites.

To do this, simply select one of your site's articles you have already written and headline the content of the same article in PowerPoint. You can then talk about the same things you wrote in your article in your video. You can also use Snagit software to shoot your PowerPoint.

You can also take a video of the process of doing something and present it to your audience as a video tutorial. To make educational videos, it is best to make videos that are popular. For example, the video of adding an Iranian phone number to the Google AdWords panel was one of the most popular in recent videos. After that, it's time to release the videos. One of the best ways is to create a channel for your Iranian video sharing services and share your videos with them. Services such as apparatus, display, watch, display, daily intents have a great view.

Complete your profile and be sure to include your site address in your channels. Be sure to visit your channel's homepage as soon as your audience sees your video and click on your site's URL that is available on your channel to get more familiar with your site. Another way is to upload your videos to educational sites like franchise, freelance, web reminder and more. You can easily make your videos available to millions of fans at no cost.

Franchise training videos

One of the special advantages of these sites is that they are educational and do not have miscellaneous videos such as app and display. So it makes your videos more targeted and targeted to their real audiences.

Upload free events

Another effective way to increase website visits is to set up free and offline events. For example, set up an offline webinar and post it for free on event sharing sites. One of the sites that helps you get more visibility and increase your site traffic is the Avand site.

The best site to create and share an event. You can easily squeeze the same videos I mentioned in the previous section a little longer (for example, an hour) and post them for free on the Ivand site for free as an offline webinar.


Event creation in Ewond is completely free and as much as you like you can link your site directly to the created Ewond event page.

When you set up a pre-recorded offline webinar in Ewond, many people are eager to access your recorded webinar file, which is also free. So they get to know you and make sure they visit your site.

The important thing is to try to act on your event page by asking your audience to come to your site for more information about the event.

Generate and publish audio files

Generating audio or podcasts is also a very easy task. Just convert your site articles to audio. You can also convert your pre-written ebooks into audio books and re-publish them. It's that simple. You just have to convert it to different formats to share your content.

The only reason I say you need to create an audio file is to publish it. When you create an audio file, you can easily publish it to audio sharing sites like " Shenotto " and " Tehran Podcast ".

Share audio file

These sites have high traffic per day and can greatly help you increase targeted website traffic.

There are other sites that share audiobooks that you can use to share audio files.

Cooperation in sales of services and products

Collaborating on sales is one of the best ways to increase site visits. By setting up a sales collaboration system on your site you can multiply your site traffic for free.

Whenever it comes to sales associations, many friends' minds tend to collaborate on selling physical goods. Definitely not! Sales collaboration can also be very helpful for sites that offer services or sites that sell digital products.

The truth is that many of the businesses that are successful in Iran now have succeeded through the marketing system. Popular site providers such as homeland web hosting, and in particular the less than two-year-old Fa-hosted host, have gained popularity through the use of a content marketing system.

Startups like Snap and Elo Peak have also become popular. A large percentage of their popularity is owed to marketers who have introduced them to others for free and only for the purpose of obtaining porcelain. This article addresses this issue:  8 Ways to Make Money on Content Websites

If you have any business you can use this system to increase your popularity, especially your site visits. If you have website content by producing digital products such as attractive bookmarks you can attract many marketers to your site.

It's even possible to give all your profits to your marketers because it really benefits you. Consider, for example, 70% of your potential marketers to encourage them to work for you. You are missing out on digital products because they are digital.

Do exactly the same if you provide a service. Give your marketers a high level of visibility to introduce and deliver your services so that your site can grow and your business will grow faster.

Guest posting and article publishing on other sites

Because content is the first word on the web today, and quality content is a little hard to come by and many sites are powerless, many sites are eager to welcome you for their content.

You must know the word guest post. Publishing a guest post is one of the best ways to increase your site's visibility and popularity.

There are many content sites you can write as a guest author and promote your site in those posts as well. Of course, you do not need to advertise your site directly in your article. It is enough to have your profile and signature on the site you want your profile including your web address.

What is a guest post article and what are its features? Be sure to read.

There are other sites that publish articles on other sites. Like the official news site that produces and publishes news on other sites. You can easily republish your site articles for more popularity at no cost. buy mobile traffic to catch them right where they are at.  One of your best prospects might be on vacation standing in a three-hour line at Disney right now waiting to ride a rollercoaster and is killing time getting a jump on their business goals trying to find YOU!

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