Arguments in favor of the Biblical Faith in Creation

Posted by trissward on February 26th, 2020

There is a major conflict between the scientific and biblical approaches to the question of the creation of the earth and the development of different forms of life. The scientific approach focuses on the evolutionary development of forms of life, while the biblical view of the world believes in the act of creation of the world by God. Personally, I support the second approach. My faith is determined by three main arguments, presented in the Bible itself, the research analysis, and practical observation on the issue analysis essay topics


According to the biblical approach, “all life was created by the actions of God”. Opponents of this idea emphasize mentioned in the Bible fact that the earth was created in six days (Bible, Genesis 1:1—2:3).). They view this passage as a clear evidence against the belief in creation by God, because scientific studies confirm the long duration of the development of life on earth. Nevertheless, I believe that such assumption completely ignores the absence of specific information about the length of the day in its hour measurement. The Bible does state that the earth was created in 144 hours. If we accept the concept of God, we must accept the features of God's creation of the world. In this respect, we should not apply our human time to the act of God's creation since God exists in his own divine time dimension. I believe that this aspect is the first argument in favor of an act of God's creation of the world.

The second argument in its turn is directly linked with the possibilities of science. Science asserts its right to a proper understanding of historical events, yet it cannot claim objectivity of their research. It makes sense to refer to Ken Ham, the founding president and CEO of Answers in Genesis. According to him, we observe things in the present, and we're assuming that has always happened in the past. Ham notes that the problem lies in the fact that scientists could not be present at the creation of the world. Therefore, it is not sensible to defend exclusively evolutionary approach to the development of the world.

Finally, the third argument in favor of an act of God's creation can be seen in the irresistible beauty and harmony that is observed in nature. In this regard, our findings suggest a great act of creation of the world by God, who put a maximum of harmony and beauty into the world. Science fails to explain all the diversity of life forms in nature. At the same time, nature surprises us with a variety of different forms of life that coexist harmoniously with each other. In my opinion, only faith in God's creation allows us to see a deep meaning in all this amazing beauty and harmony in the interaction between living organisms.

To sum up, a careful reading of the Bible, the analysis of the characteristics of science as well as practical observations give me ground to support the creation of the world by God. He had created a beautiful and harmonious world in six days. Despite the scientific attempts to refute this idea, they face a number of logical and practical difficulties. People are limited in their capacities and, therefore, the research cannot claim absolute certainty while the concept of God involves His power and majesty.


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