Various Studies that Prove the Weight-Loss Benefits of Whey Protein Yoli Product

Posted by juliabennet on June 9th, 2012

Whey supplements offered by Yoli Products can help in improving body weight index without putting any limitation on the amount of energy that you intake. Even if you are habitual in taking diets, this new plan helps in losing weight while at the same time maintaining your muscle mass. The Yoli Compensation Plan has been has been designed to help you lose weight the safe way without bringing any reduction in the amount of food you take.

It has been found in a research that intake of 56 gm of whey protein per day for a period of 6 months helped test subjects lose 2% of their body weight when compared to individuals who consumed and equal number of calories from carbs. It was found that Yoli Compensation Plan whey supplement was linked with reducing ghrelin levels, which is a hormone that signals hunger and increases intake of food.

According to these studies it has been suggested that dietary protein found in whey supplements can help in reducing the risk of weight gain that has been observed in different populations. An increasing number of researches on studies on Yoli Products whey protein demonstrate the benefit of high-protein diets, especially whey protein on the management of weight.

The studies conducted previously have shown such results related to regular exercise and reduction in calorie intake, these recent studies are unique as they demonstrate the gradual benefits of adding whey protein without the need for including the other previous factors. Even though adjustments in diet and exercise can help in achieving short-term changes in body weight, but these studies on Yoli Compensation Plan whey proteins suggest that this protein can help play  major role in weight loss in the long term.

Another study was conducted on 73 obese adults who were administered beverages of 200 calories in a day. Certain members of the group were given 28 gm whey/soy protein plus carbs and others were given only carbs for each serving for a period of 23 weeks. There was no other limitation on their diet.

And, at the end of 23 weeks it was found that the subjects who received whey protein were around 4 lb lighter than the carbs group. It was also found that they had lost around 5 lbs fat compared to the later group. This is a good proof of the benefits that you can reap from making whey-protein based Yoli Products a part of your life.

The benefits of Yoli Products whey protein have been proven time and again in various studies. Check this link to get more insight into how Yoli Compensation Plan can help you lose excess weight.

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