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Posted by ajperf on February 27th, 2020

Zakat Business.

You know… If you want to pay business tax you have to pay before December 31 so that it can be recorded as a company expense and tax deduction. Required to save receipt. You know…

Zakat is only 2.5% of the company's taxable income. If you pay more than 2.5%, the excess is not eligible for the claim. If you are running an enterprise or an individual (commission based) business you are entitled to claim 100% of the zakat value for tax relief. You know…

Where can I get that 2.5%? We have an account. Even if the profit is unknown, how can we get that 2.5%.

You know .. We are ready to make a zakat for our clients. Alhamdulillah completed the 4th rule of Islam. You want to know,this is a business zakat calculation link.…/zakat-business/modal-work Have fun doing business zakat.

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