Study Reveals Better Body System Whey Protein can be Helpful in Weight Loss

Posted by juliabennet on June 10th, 2012

Someone may suggest you to use proteins to help lose weight. But, keep in mind that all protein is not created equal and all of them don’t help in weight loss. According to the latest study, it has been found that whey protein as found in Better Body System may help people to lose weight in a better way compared to soy protein. And, this is the base of the Yoli Compensation Plan.

In this study on Better Body System whey protein, 90 obese adults were assigned to 3 groups. Whey protein drinks were added to the regular diet of the first group. Soy protein drinks were given to the second group and carb drinks were given to the third group. However, the participants were not disclosed about the groups. The drinks were given during breakfast and dinner and the total calorie-count for all of them was the same at 200. They were also given additional 52 gm of additional protein or carbs.

The participants were recorded for their activity levels, waist size, weight, lean body mass, fat body mass and hunger/metabolism related hormones in the blood. The other foods taken by the people were also recorded. This study on protein Yoli Compensation Plan was completed by 73 people and the results are as following.

At the beginning of the study, there was no dramatic difference between the three groups. The average weight of men was around 218 lb and that of the women was around 190 lb. During the study, the 3 groups’ intake average daily intake was around 2,200 calories. After 6 months, the carb-group gained an average of 2 lb which was in the form of additional body fat. And, the soy-group maintained almost the same average weight. However, the Better Body System whey-group had lost an average of 2 lb including body fat.

In addition, while the soy and the carb-group found minimal changes in their waist size, the Yoli Compensation Plan whey-group lost an average of an inch. According to researchers, there are a few points that can explain the loss of fat and weight accompanied with whey protein. It was found during the study that those in the whey-protein group had lower ghrelin hormone levels in the blood. This is the hormone responsible for regulation of food intake. This meant that the lower the level of this hormone, the more satiated they felt.

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